March 29, 2010


Aware AND Alive: Finding Joy

Hey, folks. I'm back from Spring Break. We couldn't afford to fly anywhere this year and my husband wanted to save money by camping instead of staying in a hotel. I was afraid we were going to freeze our buns off! We had to drive all the way down to Sedona, AZ to find some sunshine and warmth, but it was worth the long road trip. We camped in Oak Creek Canyon where it was gorgeous. I've never slept so well on a camping trip. The sound of the creek was a wonderful lullaby!

A Magical, Healing Hug
A Magical, Healing Hug by MarjakaThriver(on break) on

Now that I'm back, I'm reading the posts in this month's Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. Mike at Child Abuse Survivor had such a wonderful idea. To help celebrate his Irish heritage and the Irish humor he so appreciates, Mike set up a theme for this edition of humor, joy and survivors finding happiness.

You know, child abuse is such a serious subject and we do need to be warriors fighting against it, raising awareness and working for prevention and recovery. But, we can also celebrate survivors finding joy, humor and a sense of wholeness and happiness. That's the whole reason I decided a long time ago to name my dot com site and my blog Survivors Can Thrive! Don't we all want to emerge from surviving and start thriving in our lives? Sometimes, while I'm down in the trenches of my own recovery, working on my healing, I forget that. Thanks for the reminder, Mike!

Yes, thanks indeed, Mike, for coming up with such an inspired theme. I am smiling reading these posts. I so appreciate our survivor solidarity where we can share our sorrows and our joys. Thanks to all for participating and thank you, in advance, for going to the carnival, reading and sharing your comments on the posts. You'll be glad you stopped by. Go get a smile! :)

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:-) So glad to hear that your camping trip was a good one. I love camping! Sometimes it feels so nice to just get away.

Sounds like this Carnival is going to be a good one eh?

Hugs to you my friend. Be well.
Thanks, Jade! And also to you, Sweetie! :)
Oh this was a great carnival!

I'm so glad you got to go camping. Sometimes that outside air makes me sleep so good! That sounds fun.

Take care! *hugs* <3
IK: Thanks so much for all your support of the carnival. I so appreciate that. I hope you are enjoying spring as well. :)
I'm just going now, to check out the carnival. I always find so many poignant and healing moments in the posts at the carnival... and I look forward to humor and laughter joining the party!

Glad you had a good trip. I'm leaving thursday for spring break with my kids so I will be out of blogland for about ten days.

The image you posted, "A magical Healing Hug" is wonderfully full of fun and joy.

I saw in your profile that you are a fellow writer (surprise, there are so many writers in blogland... wonder why? haha). Are you published? Either way, I would love to read your self-help books. I am at the cusp of a time when I can begin to heal the physical relationship with my husband.It's been very difficult since I have learned to stop dissociating during sex. I will need all the help I can get.
Hi, Shen. Thanks for checking out the carnival. In answer to your question, technically I am published because I used to write for the Chicago newspapers. I am working on a book with a working title, "Survivors Can Thrive!" Who knows if I will ever finish it.

I read a book about sexual healing that I found quite helpful. Let me see if I can remember the title and get my hands on it. Have a good Spring Break.
Marj, I am so glad that you had a wonderful time for Spring Break. Camping is one of those activities that I have had to work with to be able to do again, thanks to my dad. With my husband's help, I have learned to enjoy camping again.
Hope your camping trip was great. You know I am finding out how much surviving sexual abuse has affect the grief in the loss of my son.
glad to hear that you were able to enjoy your camping trip.. sounds like soo much fun!! im on spring break now.. enjoying not having to be at class four nights a week.. and then back to the grind on monday.. :)
thank you for all of your support Marj- its greatly appreciated..

Wanda: My camping trip DID turn out well, thanks. I can only imagine the effects on that type of grief, Wanda. I'm so sorry. Warm hugs, dear ((((((((Wanda))))))))

Cassie: You're so welcome and I hope you're having a nice break. Hugs backatcha, girlie! :)
Hi, Patricia! So nice to "see" you! I am so glad you can enjoy camping again. Your husband sounds like a wonderful support...just like mine!
Hey, what are your plans for Easter?
Jade: have none. Gonna give the kid an Easter basket and that's about it. Also try not to get dissociated as Easter is the biggest triggery holiday for me.

What are you doing?
I agree that Sedona is beautiful! But Zion still has my heart :) I lived out in the southwest for many years, and still miss it. Glad you had a good time!
Adventures in Anxiety Land
precious, I am thinking of you. Thansk for following my blog on art therapy. I am gonna start a class on intuitive painting. Will explain after Easter. Marj, I will be thinking of you nd sending you good vibes for Easter knowing it is a difficult time for you. Hugs fromt his side of the pond. Paula xxx
Glad you enjoyed your camping trip. Thanks for all your continued encouragement to me dear. ((((Marj))))
hi marj~ i'm glad you had such a lovely camping trip. it sounds beautiful and peaceful.

and yes, it sure was a wonderful blog carnival. i really enjoyed the inspiration i got from reflecting on this issue. and hope not to let myself forget the joyful side of life~ thank you again for the carnival. hugs to you!
I'm sorry to hear that Easter is a tough one for ya girly. I hope you wake up with a smile on your face, are able to stay in the moment all day, and that you find a 50 dollar bill on the street! Haha! Bet no one ever wishes that one for ya ;-)

As for me, I'm staying here in Sacramento for the first time ever. Well I've only lived here for 4 years, but I have never spent Easter with Crys. This year I womaned up and told my parents that I would be staying up here with her this year. It was tough.. you wouldn't think it would be at my age, but.. it was.
So Crys and I get to create our own traditions this year. We're gonna dye easter eggs tonight as we normally do. And her and I always exchange easter baskets (we like to tap in to our inner child on days like this) Other than those things, I'm not sure what we'll end up doing.
I hope to hear about how sucessful your weekend was :-) This past year has brought you a lot of inner growth, maybe enough to successfully manuver this holiday.
**Hugs** my friend. Be well and let us know how your weekend went when you get a chance.
Blue Morpho: Nice to "see" you again. I haven't been to Zion yet, but hope to make it there. Also Arches.

Thanks, Paula! I appreciate that. Sending good vibes to you, too! xoxoxo

JBR: You're so welcome. I always appreciate your support as well. Hugs backatcha! (((((((JBR)))))))

Jade: Thanks, sweetie, for those Easter well wishes. I'm glad you are going to be with Crys for the holiday. I can understand how hard it is to stand up to the parents. They can make us feel like tiny children. What a neat idea to exchange Easter baskets! It shouldn't just be for the young! :)
What are you talking about! 30 is still young! ;-) I love my easter basket tradition. We get very crafty with ours. Not just your regular basket with a chocolate bunny.

Happy Easter Sistah!
Well, I meant little kids. Hee hee! Happy Easter to you, Jade. xoxoxo
I'm glad your trip went well! I love Sedona so much! I've always wanted to stay in those cabins you see in Oak Creek Canyon (some day!)Maybe I ought to give camping a thought, my husband and daughter would love it.

It was another wonderful blog carnival this month!

Have a great Easter weekend!
You should give it a try, Tracie! Thanks and you have a good Easter, too. BTW: I love your new avatar!
I'm not a camper... but glad to hear the trip went well..I think it's good to get away but I always feel anxious leaving the house. Once we're's a blast. Will have to check out Mike's blog...thanks for the update on it. Hey...and Happy Easter. Sarah
Kudos for having the courage to go camping... something I've not ever been able to do!
Wouldn't it be great if everyone took "ending child abuse" and "living in joy" as seriously as "what's for dinner" and "who's turn is it to do the washing up"?!

I'd love to see a world where *everyone* was striving toward ending child abuse and living joyfully on a daily basis.

Just found your blog... I LOVE "Survivors can thrive"! So very true.
Thanks, Sarah. hope your Easter went well.

Well, thanks, Paul.

Ali: Your words are very true, too. Thanks for visiting and leaving your kind comment.
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