February 22, 2010


New Host: 30 Posts!

Sorry for the delay in this announcement, folks. I spent the weekend with the stomach flu. Yuck! The two-year-old that I watch once a week has started going to daycare now. She picks everything up there and then passes it on to me. *sigh*

What I wanted to tell you about is how impressed I am with IK over at Issue Knitting. She's a first-time Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse host and she's done a fabulous job of organizing 30 submissions for our February edition. The theme is birthdays and it's IK's birthday, too! So, go on over and click on the links, do some reading, leave some supportive comments and say "Happy Birthday" to IK, won't you? Thanks for your support and survivor solidarity!

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HI, hope you are feeling better. Yeah, the blog carnival done by IK is BRILLIANT. So many entries, still reading on. Hugs to you
Oh, thank you for reading, Paula! And thanks a lot for stopping by to say hello to me! xoxoxo
Awwww Sunshine, sorry you had the stomach cootie. Those types of cooties suck.

Hope you're feeling better!
Feelin' much better today. Thanks, Jade. Just takin' it a little slow as I work my way back. Hope you're staying healthy.
30 posts. Now THAT'S awesome.
Thanks for your interest, Dr. Deb. THAT is awesome, too! :)
Much sympathy about catching what the little one gets. Hope you're feeling better now.
Thanks, April. I hope you are staying well.
thanks Marg for the heads up on this. Will go check it out. Have a great weekend and feel good ok. No more being sick...
I hope you are feeling better Marj! I'm a little late, but I am going to go check out the carnival!

(((Hugs))) to you!!
Thanks for your interest, Sarah & Tracie. It's a really big carnival, so I expect folks to still be looking at it. Happy reading.
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