January 21, 2010


To Write Love On Her Arms

Time is running out for us to vote in order to help TWLOHA--To Write Love On Her Arms--win $1 million to establish an online crisis intervention service. (I believe the deadline is Friday.) You can read about it and click to vote by going to TWLOHA's website here. I also invite you to watch the Miley Cyrus video below which encourages you to vote to help out this great nonprofit that does amazing, life-saving work in suicide prevention.

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I hope they can make it.
I sure hope so, too, Dr. Deb. Thanks for commenting!
I'll do my part.
Thank you so much, Mike. And so nice to "see" you! :)
How wonderful. Thank you for the direction. xoxo
hi marj~ i have been thinking about you lately just hoping you're well. so i thought i'd stop by to say hi. also, thank you for always sending out these wonderful messages of support and helping to raise awareness. this world is a better place because of you~
You're welcome, Vicki. And thanks for your interest and leaving a comment. Hope to see you around cyberspace a little more now that I'm not nearly as sick as I was. xxxx
So glad to see a role model for younger kids reaching out for support on something that affects everyone, regardless of age. Thank you for sharing this!
Katie: Thanks for your sweet comment. This is weird, actually. I didn't get your comment earlier, because it ended up in my junk mail folder for some reason. But, I was just at your blog reading your lovely Korea story and then I saw that there was stuff in my junk mail box...and voila! So nice to "see" you, friend!
Lily: Thank YOU for visiting and leaving your lovely, supportive comment! :)
hadn't heard of this before. Thanks for sharing it. Take gentle care. Sarah
Sarah: I'm happy to pass along something new. You take gentle care, too!
This too is new for me. Thank you Marj for bringing the concern to our attention. ((((Marj))))
Hi, JBR! Nice to "see" you! I'm glad I could give a shout-out for some new info. I might leave this post up for a couple more days just so people can learn more about the organization and the work they do.
What a great cause!
Hi Marj thought I would come by and say hi. Have had a busy time of late. I will do my part to help...take care.Mary
I thought so too, April. And I love the name!

Hi, Mary! It's so nice to "see" you again! I keep thinking (sadly) that you've decided not to blog anymore...I haven't seen you post anything for a few months. Glad you're here! :)
Hey girly. Just wanted to drop by and leave a smile on your page. How are you? I've thought about you several times today...

Know that you're being thought about. :-) xoxox
Jade: Oh, that's so sweet! And what a coinkydink! I've been thinking about you, too. Hugs backatcha! :)
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