March 21, 2010


Shamrocks, Carnivals & Spring Breaks

Happy spring, everybody! I don't know about you, but this has been a looooong winter for me. I am so happy to see the crocuses blooming!

I'm about to go out of town for a little road trip to celebrate my son's Spring Break. But, before I go, I wanted to make sure to let you all know about our next edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. Mike, at Child Abuse Survivor, has graciously offered to host for us once again. I think he chose March as the month for him to host this year because he is Irish. And March is , of course, when we celebrate for, with and about our Irish friends with St. Patrick's Day. About this edition Mike said:

"I’ll be hosting the March edition of the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse later this month, and given my own Irish heritage, and this being the month we celebrate the Irish with St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to make the theme of this year one that speaks to the Irish part of me. Historically, Ireland has been a country of misery, and the Irish people have suffered oppression, famine, civil war, poverty... Yet, through it all, they maintain a sense of humor and know how to have a good time! I’ve always thought, as a survivor, that healing requires a little bit of that. In the midst of my worst days of trying to cope, I found that having those little moments of joy to look forward to, made it just a little bit easier. So, as part of this month’s carnival...I want to hear about how, as a survivor, you’ve managed to find the joy in life and have a good time! We’ll call it the “Life is Grand” category."

Of course, we will also have our regular submission categories of: Advocacy & Awareness, Aftermath, Art Therapy, Healing & Therapy, In The News, Poetry and Survivor Stories. But, this month, Mike wants to hear some blog post stories about overcoming with joy and a sense of humor. I like his idea. It's inspired, isn't it? So, be thinking about this months' theme, won't you? The deadline for this month's edition is Wednesday, March 24. Our carnival edition will post over at Mike's blog on Friday, March 26. You can use this submission form here to send in a post.
Thank you all for your continued support and involvement in our blog carnival!

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Thanks Marj. And you have yourself a wonderful time while you are away. Will miss you.

Dear One, have a great and relaxing break. Thanks for the info on the carnival. HUgs to you
Enjoy your trip!
JBR, Paula & Colleen: Awwww! You guys are sweet! Thanks and hugs to you all. xoxoxoxo
As always, thank you for the reminder! I have the perfect post for this month's carnival!
Oh, I'm so glad you're going to submit. Thanks, Lily!
thank you, marj~ i hope you have a great trip!

i submitted something to the carnival. thanks again for all you do~~~
Hey girl. Just wanted to drop by your blog and wish you a Happy Spring! Hope the winter chills are melting off and the sun is creapin its way into your days.

As always, sending you love and wishes for peaceful days.
Great idea and so true about surviving.
Katie: Oh, I'm so glad you're going to join us. Thanks!

Jade: Thanks for stopping by with those Spring warm wishes. So nice to "see" you.

Von: Thanks for your comment and for relating. I always appreciate that.
I hope you have a lovely time! This carnival deal is so neat, I learn a lot and find such neat bloggers.

Take care! *hugs* <3
hope you have a ton of fun on the trip and thanks for the update on the carnival....Take gentle care. Sarah
I would like to submit a story about using humor to survive, but I am just the parent of 2 kiddos who have been severely abused.
Lindsey Petersen
IK & Sarah: You two take care, too. And thanks so much! I appreciate you both. :)
5 Kids: Thanks for visiting and thanks so much for your interest in the carnival. We have an edition each month. You do not have to be a survivor yourself to submit. Anything related to child abuse is considered.
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