January 29, 2010


So Much More Than A "Last-Minute" Carnival!

I cannot begin to thank Paul at Mind Parts enough for stepping in at the end of the month here to do a January edition of our Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. Whew! What a life-saver. Thanks, Paul!

As it turned out, this is quite a large carnival, with almost 30 posts! We have a dozen posts in the Healing & Therapy category, alone. I'm impressed by that. I always like to see a lot of posts in this area because it gives me hope and inspiration that we survivors are all, indeed, healing. A great reminder. Thanks for your participation, everyone.

And huge kudos go out to Paul for organizing this so well. It's Paul's second time hosting the carnival, and he's a fantastic host. I also love Paul's description and expressed purpose of the carnival in his opening paragraph. He says, "The purpose of the Carnival is to be a place where important posts are shared with others who may not be frequent readers of an author's blog. I, myself, have realized that I cannot follow all the blogs I want to follow, so the monthly Carnival gives me a chance to see what else is out there. There are so many wonderful bloggers and you are all doing a wonderful service not only to yourselves, but to the cause of ending child abuse and recovering from child abuse." This is one of the great reasons why I founded and continue to organize this carnival and try my best to keep it running every month. Very well said, Paul!

Butterfly Ferris Wheel
Butterfly Ferris Wheel by MarjakaThriver:( spent :( on Polyvore.com

Won't you please visit this month's carnival edition, click on the links, read the posts and leave supportive comments for our courageous participating bloggers? Also, I want to thank everyone who has responded thus far to my request for carnival hosts for 2010. I have several monthly slots filled in now, but could still use some host volunteers for the summer and fall months. Be thinking about this opportunity, won't you? Thanks, everyone! You and your continued support are always appreciated!

Oh, and one more thing. I got a few posts that came in after the deadline for today's edition. I want to assure you that these will be saved and passed along to our next host, Issue Knitting, who will organize February's edition on 2/19. So, see ya then!

you are so great, marj, to keep this up and for all your supprtive communication.

it's scary to speak up but i feel honored to participate.

thanks again for all you do!! :)
Katie: I'm so glad you joined us for the carnival. And thanks for all your continued support! :)
Great idea, well done all.
Boy... I just came back from the Carnival.. It got me. It was a rough week in my own counseling this week, and a lot of this piggybacked on what was discussed. As always, thank you for putting these together Marj, and thank you for touching peoples lives. You have no idea the sense of validation I got from reading some of the post on the carnival, and had you not been the awesome friend you are and share with me (and others) that there was a posting this month, I would have never gone to look and I would still be sitting with some pretty heavy stuff, feeling "alone."
Thanks my friend.
Hope you are well.
This is great Marj, thank you. ((((Marj))))
Marj. Thanks for your kind words. I truly appreciate hosting it. And I love the concept of a rotating host...
Thanks, Von and thanks for visiting our carnival.

Jade: I'm so glad the carnival posts were there for you when you needed them. Thanks for the feedback! I hope you feel a "weight off" from that heavy stuff soon. Take gentle care. xxxx

JBR: Thanks for always stopping by and supporting our carnival and for stopping by with those awesome hugs! xxxxx

Paul: You're welcome and I'm so glad. I like the rotating host, too. I really don't want to host it every month at my own blog like some carnivals do. I guess I just like the original idea: They are called carnivals BECAUSE they travel around...like a carnival moving from town to town.
I'm glad to see the carnival is alive and well. It's such an important asset.
RR: I'm glad to see YOU! I was beginning to wonder if you were around anymore. Thanks for stopping by with your supportive comment.
Dear Marj, I have been absent from bloggie world for over a week and be back today only. Thanks so much for inviting me for January blog carneval - however late I figured it. I serioulsy doubt that my English would be good enough. Paula has done an incredible job and I am happily browse over and read some more. Thanks again for the invite. Paula
Hi, Paula! Nice to "see" you. Thanks for stopping by in the middle of your bloggy hiatus. I really think your English is fine for the carnival, if you ever want to join us, I know you have some great posts to share. Take care.
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