May 01, 2009


Poem in My Pocket; Hope in My Heart

Did you know, yesterday was Poem in Your Pocket Day? It was a way to finish off National Poetry Month.

I think I may have mentioned that I spend several hours a week babysitting an adorable toddler who is in the custody of my friends--her grandparents--after being neglected by her parents. Lately, we've been strolling to parks. The other day, we discovered dandelions together and I showed the little cutie pie how to blow the seeds off the "fluff puffs."

She's almost two and she's at that age where she's willing to try anything you ask her to try and say. I bought her grand-folks a book: Baby Signs. We've all been teaching the precious one signs and it just helped her verbal skills explode! It sure was cute to hear her say, "fluff puff!" and blow those seeds into the wind!

She and the current spring weather are really giving me joy, delight and hope lately. This little girl inspired me to write a haiku poem. I got to see the little angel an extra couple of hours yesterday, so her namesake poem was my choice for the poem in my pocket.

Here it is:

Rosy-Cheeked Cherub

rosy-cheeked cherub
reaches down to pick flower
wonder, beauty, life!

Copyright 2009, Marj McCabe ~ All Rights Reserved

Fluff Puffs & Wonder
Fluff Puffs & Wonder by Marj aka Thriver on

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What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. Great poem too!
AD: Yeah, it's nice to share the good stuff once in a while, eh? Thanks; I'm glad you liked it.
Thanks for sharing that story, children just have a natural way to enjoy life and I think we as adults so often forget the beauty of the things around us. Dandelions are a pain as an adult but as a child I loved blowing the seeds and following them on the wind.
Sweet poem and lovely story dear one.

Thank you for sharing.

You are not alone!!

Blessings for a good day for you!
ohh, how sweet! thanks for sharing this~

here's one that i've always liked. but i don't know who it's by:

Shadow Race

Every time I've raced my shadow, When the sun was at my back,
It always ran ahead of me,
Always got the best of me.
But every time
I've raced my shadow,
When my face was toward the sun, I won.
S'onnie: Yeah, when you don't know anything about weeding--as most little children shouldn't have to--it's fun!

JBR: I HAVE had a couple of good days, thanks!

Mountainmama: cool poem! thanks for sharing that, too!
Sweet poem.

It is funny how dandelions are such a treasure for children. When my youngest niece was two, she went around her yard working feverishly to collect bunches of them for me. They were as beautiful as roses to me. Time spent with children can be so healing.
JIP: Just remember, you were that cute, and you ARE that precious!

GA: Thanks for sharing YOUR sweet story. Yes, it HAS been healing spending time with this cutie.
This is great Marj!
I wish I liked young children.
I don't. Strange.
I prefer when they are up 5-years-old.
Don't ask me why.
Ana: Well, I won't ask. But here's what I think about my own personal experience: I think little babies used to scare me a little bit. They are small, we're afraid we might drop them, they have soft heads/parts/bones that aren't completely grown/hard yet. And the only way they can tell us if they need something is by crying. I think that's why I really enjoyed teaching my own son and this little girl the baby signs. When they can start to communicate with you, things really start to open up and get connected! :)
I have this award for you.
Hope you like it.
Have a nice and great day!

This is exactly what I fear about babies.
I don't know how to hold them and have all these fears.
It would disappear if I had have children.
Now it's too late.
Ana: Well, maybe, some day you will really connect with a niece or nephew or neighbor or something like that. That's what I've done with a couple of girls in my life...since I only have one child and he is a boy.

You awarded me something? You're sweet! I'll come over and look.
I've just joined "Child Abuse Survivors".
Yesterday I did a post and today I woke up and there was a comment that made me see how difficult it's to people understand.
We think that it's common knowledge the harms of child abuse.
It's not.
Have a nice day!
Ana: I think I saw the comment your were talking about. You're right, understanding does seem to be difficult.

I'm so glad you joined Child Abuse Survivors. I'll look for you over there.
Marj, thinking about you! Blessings dear one!
JBR: Thinking about you, too. I think I'll come over and leave some blessings at your blog. ;) Thanks for those!
thanks for sharing this! i love it
Thanks, Barbara, for taking a look and leaving a comment. I'm glad you liked it!
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