April 13, 2009


Don't Miss the April Blog Carnival!

Don't miss the April Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. You know, April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. We'll also be celebrating Spring and renewal as Mike hosts the carnival at his Child Abuse Survivor blog. Mike is a returning host and does an excellent job with the carnival.

As he says, "I’d like to focus this carnival on the theme of rebirth/renewal. Whether you choose to view that as the renewal of nature that comes from Springtime, through the religious point of view of Easter, or as simply as a chance for Spring cleaning, if you are thinking of renewal as a Survivor this Spring, please take the time to submit a blog post to this edition of the carnival." Sounds great, Mike!

So, get those submissions in now. You can use this submission form link here. Just be sure to scroll down on the page--it looks blank on the top. The deadline is midnight Wednesday, April 15. Let's do what we did last month: If you've already submitted an article to the carnival, just let me know with a comment here. That way, I won't be coming around and bugging you for your submission. Thanks! Our carnival will post on Friday, April 17. Hope to see you all there!

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Marj, I think I will be ready for the next carnival to participate. Just have too much on my plate now. All the best on this one dear!
Hi Marjaka,
Thank you for inviting me to join the blog carnival. Child Abuse is one of advocacies. I will support your cause in anyway I can.
More power.
Hi, Marj! I've just submitted my article, April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month (Families and Communities United in Fighting a Menace That Knows No Borders), to your April Blog Carnival. Thanks a lot for your kind words and for encouraging me to make the submission.

It's a delight to participate in the carnival and to know that what we write makes a difference in the lives of other people.

Have a nice day and God bless always!
rollyocampo: Thank you so much for acting so quickly and joining us for the carnival.

Ana: Yeah, more power to the kids! Thanks.

Just Be Real: No worries. I'm getting pretty good about keeping the carnival going monthly. So, we'll be here with another edition when you're ready. Thanks for letting me know.
can we send you subbys ? We cant work any of that submission thing out?
Thanks for understanding!!!
JIP: Sure, no prob!

Just be Real: You're welcome. I'm sure you'd do the same for me.

For once I actually managed to submit a post in time.
I admire all the energy and passion you put into the blog carnival.
Alright, April! Way to go!

Awwww, Kahless. That's sweet. Thanks!
we have chosen to not do rebirth as it causes too much distress for us instead here are our subbys hope you get them



JIP: I forwarded them on to the host, Mike at Child Abuse Survivor. I asked if he could pretty-please still use one of them even though it's after the deadline.
MARJ! we thank you for the recognition and the award! I am ill and way behind today...but will be giving out awards on the Haunted House today! safe hugs to you!
Rainbow: See, there are those hugs I like so much. Thanks! I'll check out the blogs YOU award. Hope you feel better.
Marj -- Thanks for the suggestion to submit the CBT piece for the carnival. I've been in tax season mode for clients and so just now getting back to my more important work. :) Sorry I missed this one, will catch it the next time around....
Michele: Yeah, it's amazing, really. I think Mike got about 30 submissions that he's going to use for this carnival. Surprising for the deadline being tax day. You can send your post in now and we'll save it for next month. Thanks!
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