March 31, 2009


Unwanted Child

Playing around with collage at Polyvore. Thanks to Grace for turning me on to their site and computer-generated collage!

I chose this for my caption: Children are adorable, precious, innocent...and wanting to be wanted.

Unwanted Child
Unwanted Child - by Marj aka Thriver on

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Very cool! Thanks for the site I will have to check it out.

You made a wonderful collage with a wonderful title.

Thanks, Tamara. I'm glad you're going to check out the site. Hugs backatcha! :)
the collage certainly hit home for us
Marj, precious and meaningful collage. Love the boo-boo kitty! Blessings dear one!
JIP: safe hugs, my dear (((((JIP)))))

Just be Real: Thanks for the blessings. To you, also!
I can certainly relate to this.
Marj, thank you and I am honored that you want to include me on your sidebar. Blessings dear one!
RR: I hope it wasn't triggering. I'm glad I'm not alone.

Just Be Real: Thanks AND you're welcome! :)
I love websites that offer things like this. The creative aspect can be so healing.
I so agree, Dr. Deb. Thanks for commenting.
Great collage; I reaaly like it.
Thank you, sweet Kahless!
I love these. I found the Polyvore site at vaguecollective's blog while looking at the collages there. This is such a neat way to make art.
GA: yeah, I'm getting a little more used to playing around there, but today--unfortunately--one of my collages got all screwed up. Pooey!
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