April 17, 2009


33 for 23: Yeah!

Mike's got the April edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse up over at his host blog, Child Abuse Survivor. This is Mike's second time hosting the carnival and he's really outdone himself this time. Thanks, Mike!

Yeeehaaa! We have 33 entry posts in this carnival edition! I think that sets a record for largest carnival edition yet. So, we have 33 for 23--or 33 posts for our 23rd edition--hence the name of this post's headline (ain't I clever?) Thanks to everyone who submitted articles to participate in this record-setting edition.

The theme that Mike set for this edition is Spring, rebirth and renewal. Five of the posts listed are specifically under this theme, I'm happy to see. I'm also excited to be reading 12 posts that came in under the Advocacy and Awareness category. That's timely, as April is officially Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month. What a great bunch of advocates and activists we are! I'm proud of our community!

Please go over to Mike's blog and take a look at these fine carnival posts. Use the links, read the articles and leave supportive comments, won't you? I'm heading back over there, now.

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it is truly exciting Marj to see this all evolved so nicely! Kudos to all involved!!
Just Be Real: Yes, kudos to us all. Great group effort!
Marj - tagged you for my "late" post for Blogger Apprecation Day over at the Haunted House. Thank you for so many things, getting me involved in the Carnival...always being so kind to us.
Rainbow: Yay! I'll come over and check it out. You're welcome, AND thank YOU! :)
Marj - looked on your Profile for an Email Addy....could not find one. wanted to let you know I got your comment and won't publish, if you would rather I didn't. Not familiar with the new diagnosis..but am going to look for it on the web. Hugs to to.
I just left you a comment at your blog. You can publish both of them, no prob. The diagnosis, DDNOS, stands for Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. I don't find it very descriptive or helpful. :P
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