April 06, 2009


Oh, The Discomfort of Child Abuse!

I'm really struggling with triggers revolving around Easter. Along with that there's some really deep grief I'm dealing with in and out of therapy.

But, I got tagged by Enola with a meme that I really want to play. And I just realized today that, not only is
April Child Abuse Prevention Month (already knew that), but it is also National Poetry Month.

I've been doing some research and Internet searches, and I've decided that I'm going to commit several posts this month to Child Abuse Prevention Awareness. I hope to include a lot of educational and informative links here. I also committed over at Bloggers Unite to be involved this month through blogging.

So, I'm going to start off with a poem I just wrote, to commemorate both April events.


We're uncomfortable
with the abuse
of children.

Don't look,
don't ask;
maybe it will go away.

In how much discomfort
do you suppose
she was:
the little, unplanned premie
who fought her way
to five pounds
only to have
of her bones
in her tiny body?

In our discomfort
and fear of taking stands,
no one spoke for her.

How long will you remain
with your discomfort?

Copyright 2009, Marj McCabe ~ All Rights Reserved

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wonderful poem! brought memories to us as well. thank you for the wonderful, loving person that you are! safe hugs to you, my friend.
Rainbow: Awwww! You're sweet! And thanks for being YOU! And I do mean, ALL of you!
Hey Girly. I'm so sorry I haven't been by lately. Life picks up then slows down. The important thing is that you and other blogger buddies are thought about on a daily basis. I hope that counts! (crossing fingers)

Wonderful words you've jotted down. Hope you're still finding joy in kickin a little butt in guitar hero! ;-)
How long will you remain
with your discomfort?

That's really powerful.

Take care,
Thank you for sharing the 'heart' of this poem Marj! Blessings!
Love the punch of the final stanza. Really leaves you with a heavy sense of resonance -- and a strong call to action. The ultimate combo of your expertise as poet and activist!
Jade: Of course that counts! And you are thought of often by me as well.

Thanks, Differently. I wanted to end the poem with some punch.

Just be Real: You're welcome. And thanks for the blessings.

Michele: My expertise as poet and activist, huh? Wow, that's quite a compliment. Thanks!
thanks for sharing this we wil lbe inclusing soem of our poems inthe next carnival
Marj, thank you so much for your recent encouragement to me. Means a lot to me. Blessings to you dear one.
Thanks, JIP! I'll be looking forward to reading your poems in the carnival.

You're so welcome, Just be Real. I, too, so appreciate the support from our survivor community.
Stay safe and in your comfort zone.
I'm really working on comfort and safety right now, Dr. Deb. Yep!
Marj, thanks for being courageous enough to share yourself, your poems and your journey with the rest of us. I know how important making a comfort zone is for survivors. I hope your words and the words of all of us who are survivors who also blog and write about our abuse experiences shake everybody else out of their comfort zones so that actions will be taken to prevent children from being abused. That is the whole point of my writings as I know it is yours.
Thanks for your kind words, Patricia. I appreciate the support.
Powerful poem. Safe and gentle (((hugs))).
Thanks for the hugs, April. I'm glad you liked the poem.
That poem is extremely powerful, Marj. I second Michele's comment!
Wow, CK! Thanks. That means a lot to me.

This really touches the "little me" who didn't recognize the look of fear behind the eyes of those with whom I sought refuge.

I didn't understand the apprehension that drove them to inaction.

Hopefully, someone reading your poem will overcome their apprehension and will no longer be "comfortable with their discomfort."

I sincerely hope so, too, Nancy. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.
This is a powerful and poignant poem.
The message is clear...so many remain silent, turning the other way, too 'uncomfortable' to notice, talk, do something, even acknowledge that this growing epidemic exists.
We have to speak for the children who are not able!
In peace and light
~ Grace
Thanks, Grace! Peace and light to you, too.
Sometimes I feel like our whole culture is one big running battle between discomfort and distraction, between overload and complacency. This piece cuts through all of that to the heart of the matter. A strong call to action.
Rick: You have a way with words. Thank you for saying what you said.
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