April 24, 2009


Child Abuse Prevention Month: Some Good News

Well, Child Abuse Prevention Month is drawing to a close. I don't feel like I participated in as much advocacy and awareness-raising for this month as I would have liked to. I've been dealing with a lot of "feeling the feelings" and grieving from my own child abuse history. I want to thank everyone who sent cyber hugs and kept me in your thoughts and prayers this past week. I have to say, the outpouring of compassion I received here at my blog, through e-mail, and on Twitter and The Child Abuse Survivor ning network has been truly touching. This survivor community means a lot to me.

Through my therapy and healing journey, I've learned how to keep healthy grief from turning into despair. One of the ways we can do that is by answering the question: "What can I do?" Another way to avoid despair is to look at the good news and the victories in child protection.

Connect for Kids has a wonderful article reprinted on their website that highlights the
Top Youth Activism Victories of 2008.

I found the highlights list inspiring. Here are some victory examples:

It's a relief and an inspiration to learn what others are doing to improve the lives of children. But, what can we do to prevent child abuse? Here are some tips from a couple of my favorite "ways to prevent abuse" lists.

From Prevent Child Abuse America:
Here are some tips for protecting children from sexual abuse from Darkness to Light:

I'll leave you with a video from the Child Welfare Information Gateway, which has a lot of information on Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Be informed. Get involved.

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i think it's wonderful that you spend time both doing advocacy and posting information like this on your site AS WELL AS write for yourself and express what you're going through. both are so inspiring and i'm so glad you get the support you need. :)
Marj, it is so very encouraging to read this and to see the benefits it is helping you to cope. Tonight I am not doing well, but reading this helps me. Blessings dear one!
you're such an inspiration marj.

i gave you an award on my blog.
Mountainmama: Thank you for saying that. Sometimes I feel like a big, fat fraud talking about thriving. But, on the other hand, I want to be real here. I want others, who are also hurting, to know that they are not alone. I know at least part of their pain.

JBR: Yeah, we gotta share some good news once in a while, right? I'll leave some hugs at your blog.

Cornnut: Oh, you know just what to say. I don't feel like much of an inspiration today--still sitting around in my jammie lounge pants and it's almost noon! ;) I'll come to your blog and check it out. Thanks!
hi marj, i wanted to say that regarding you thinking your in any way a fraud talking about thriving, that that sounds like your inner critic telling you lies. one of my favorite songs is by ann reed, called the road of the heart, and she sings:

two steps forward
one step back
that's progress for you
that's the way to stay on track

and as stuart smalley says "progress not perfection" right? :)

all this is to say, in my less secure moments, i sometimes believe that to be "successful" i need to have all my issues completely worked out, recovered completely, be self-actualized, whole, etc. but it's a life-long process and the important thing is that no matter what happens, we grow and still have things to learn.

the fact that you still have problems just shows me that no matter how far you've come, you are still able to be honest and vulnerable and real and that is so encouraging to see. that i don't have to have all my stuff figured out to be a thriver. you're an inspiration :) thank you~
Mountainmama: Your comment actually brought tears to my eyes. It just goes to show that someone you just met in the blogosphere can truly touch your heart, your mind and your soul. Thank you...and blessings to you.
dear marj, i'm so glad i was of some comfort! :) i hated to see you beating up on yourself in the slightest~

i can identify because my inner critic can be pretty harsh. i'm working on developing a positive nurturing self-loving inner voice, but some days it's two steps forward, one step back, and then i go in circles :)

here's a nice safe hug for you if you want one {{hug}}
Great job on getting the word out. (:-) Its happened to quite a few of us, but we are also proof that it can be survived. And you missy....you ARE thriving! Here let me tell you how I see your thriving.

1) you're a loving mother

2) You are in a loving relationship

3) You are an educator for those just experiencing the pains of what life can bring to the table

4) You are proof that great things can still come from life after great pain.

5) You're a very supportive friend, and I've never even met you face to face.

6) You share. You share your life, your pain, your mountains and your accomplishments!

Those 6 things alone prove to me that you are a fighter and a thriver! So when you doubt your ability to thrive you just come back here and read this, or get a hold of me and I will remind you!!! :-)

Hope you are doing well my friend!
Jade: Wow! I actually get a numbered list. Thanks for the thought that went into this comment. Exhausted from another "extra" T session today. So, your words are like a soothing balm. I needed that, thanks!
Mountainmama: Always want and like the hugs. Thanks! (((((backatcha)))))
I think anything we do is something big. Even if it's little and small in effort. Does that make sense?
Yes, that does make sense and I think you're right, Dr. Deb.
Great post!
Marj, I have an award waiting for you in the post "Just Be Real Award." Come by and take of it dear one!
Cassie: Thanks for those hugs. Nice to see you, stranger!

Thanks, April!

JBR: Ooo! Goodie! I'll come take a look.
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