May 28, 2009


Remembering "Veteran" Survivors

Hello, everybody. It's Friday, May 29th. Welcome to the May edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. Since Memorial Day just past here in the states, we have a memorial or memory theme for this, our 24th, edition of the carnival.

Thanks to everyone who submitted posts this month and thanks--in advance--for reading and leaving supportive comments at the blogs of our courageous contributors. Trigger Warning: Keep yourself safe as you read. Understandably, child abuse can be a very triggering subject.

ChildPerson from Child Person from the South says it all in the headline for her post, Celebrating Child Abuse Survivors: Veterans of Wars on the Home Front. I like this quote from her post: "So, this May, while taking time to honor those military casualties and veterans of foreign wars, let’s take a moment to remember those who died in home front wars and to honor those who survived." Amen!

Nomorehurt presents Honoring Your Troops posted at Abuse Recovery, saying, "A reader requested I submit this. I hope it is something you'd like to include." I was the reader, actually. I am getting to know Nomorehurt over at Polyvore, where we're both working on art therapy collages. I thought her post was perfect for our theme...maybe you'll agree.

Mike McBride, who runs the Child Abuse Survivor ning Network, almost didn't get his post in on time this month. But, he was able to squeeze in, Carnival Against Child Abuse - Memories and I'm so glad he did. It's a good message for all of us. His blog is posted at Child Abuse Survivor.

Advocacy & Awareness

After blogging with Bloggers Unite against slavery in March, I found myself very touched by this next article. It was submitted by Surbhi and it's entitled, Child Labour: Disgrace for the Society posted at The Viewspaper.

Marcella Chester presents Leading Experts to Discuss How Preventing Violence and Abuse
at her wonderful awareness-raising blog, abyss2hope.

is a new blogger and new to the carnival, presenting HOW DID THE ABUSE CHANGE US? posted at Stop the Storm. Welcome, alchemynow!

Lynda Hinkle
is another wonderful advocate I've met on Twitter. She gives us International Exploitation of Children and the Sweden Solution posted at In the Best Interest: Child Advocacy Law.

Next, we have a post that hits close to home for me. It's called Raising A Highly Sensitive Child and it's from Concerning Kids. I have a highly sensitive child myself. I am so glad that he is safe with me. He has given me the great gift and opportunity to give a child unconditional love and break the cycle of abuse. Thanks for raising awareness about these youngsters, Concerning Kids.

JIP enlightens and informs us with Stupid comments, questions and statements about being a multiple posted at Lifes Spacings.

is another blogger that I've been enjoying getting to know over at Twitter. She gives us a post that is a great reminder for parents who want to break the cycle of abuse. It is also a wonderful nudge for anyone struggling with perfectionism. And who isn't? Her post is called Your Perfect Child Is Not So Perfect and it's up at her blog, When she submitted her post, Noe said, "When a parent fails to understand that a perfect child is merely a movie character, his not so perfect child will unfortunately have to struggle a lot only to come up to his parent’s expectations. Demanding perfection from a child will put him under tremendous pressure; a parent who asks his child to perfect, will also pretend to be perfect himself."


Since we're talking about memorials, Memorial Day and memories, I thought I'd dig out an old post about the repression of my child sexual abuse memories. The post is called How Does One Retrieve Repressed Memories of Abuse? from my own Survivors Can Thrive! archives.

Healing & Therapy

Patricia Singleton
is working on a wonderful survivor series called "Incest May Be a Part of My Life." Here, she presents part seven in the series: A Little Girl's Story---Incest May Be A Part Of My Life Series---Part 7 from her blog, Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker. She remarks, "This article is about a little girl with a story to tell. She has no mouth to tell about the abuse. She has no feet so she can't run away from the abuse. The original story was written in 1989 to go along with the first in a series of oil paintings. This painting was about feelings."

This next post, from little sheep, is actually a poem. It's called, oh therapy! Since Little Sheep already has another poem in the poetry category, we've got this poem about--you guessed it--therapy in this Healing & Therapy category. Little Sheep writes at her blog, my (sick and ugly) story.

Colleen Spiro gives us some good, healthy perspective in her post, Smile over at her blog, Surviving by Grace.

presents Finding a Therapist posted at Heal and Forgive. I asked Nancy to submit this post in hopes that it may help someone in the search. Boy, I wish I had this information years ago. Thanks, Nancy!

Paul presents Journaling posted at Mind Parts, saying, "I am honored to submit this. Thanks for reading. Paul." Another educational and helpful post for survivors. Again, something I wish I had gotten advice on years ago. Thanks for that, Paul!

Just Be Real
presents JUST BE REAL: PAIN in the CHANGE posted at JUST BE REAL. After reading JBR's post, I'm reminded that there is a lot of suffering for survivors, but "feeling the feelings" is so important for our healing.

--another dear person I met on Twitter--presents The Struggles Within posted at Buffalopine's Blog. When sharing her story of living without dissociating, Buffalopine says in her post, "Today, my wings are fragile."
I hope that this survivor community may be one of the things that gives you and your new wings strength, Buffalopine. Thanks for sharing with us.

In The News

Shiv Dravid
presents SEX AND THE CITI-ZENS! posted at The Viewspaper. Thanks for joining us for the carnival and raising awareness about child sexual abuse in Inida.

I'm glad that the story about child abuse within the industrial schools and orphanages run by the Catholic church in Ireland got some press and blogging time. My friend, Marcella, always does an excellent job of covering these "In The News" stories. Here, she presents Irish Catholic Church Child Abuse posted at her blog, abyss2hope.

vjack is also blogging on this issue in Catholic Responses to Irish Child Abuse Conspiracy posted at Atheist Revolution.


nipper presents Like A Rose posted at NIPPERCAT'S HOME.

little sheep wrote may 10-poem for her blog, my (sick and ugly) story. I was just talking to my therapist about something similar today. did she know? Thanks for sharing, Little Sheep.

Rick Belden wrote a poem about how trauma is stored in our bodies in, body memory posted at poetry, dreams, and the body, saying, "Marj, Thank you for organizing the carnival for everyone. If you decide on a 'father' theme in June, I'll have something to submit for that as well." Thanks in advance, Rick!

JIP presents Little lost angels posted at Lifes Spacings. It reminds us of the inhumane way that adults can actually treat little innocent, helpless children. Thanks for your honest and courage in sharing, JIP.

I'm noticing for this--our 24th--edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse, that we have more male survivors coming forward to share their stories, we also have several new carnival participants joining us and more international representation here. I'm very happy to see that. Now, let's make sure we get out there in cyberland and thank these folks for raising awareness with us by visiting their blogs and leaving comments. Thanks!

Please Note: We're looking for a new host for the June carnival. Some of you who have been participating by submitting posts to the carnival for a while may want to consider hosting a monthly edition. It's really quite easy, and I help you through it every step of the way. Come on, you can do it! Leave me a comment if you're willing (for June or anytime in the future).

All blog carnival entries are saved for our next monthly edition, no matter when they are submitted. So, if you'd like to get an early start and submit your blog post for next month, you can use our carnival submission form right here.

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i'm sorry i didn't get a submission in time for this edition! i look forward to reading.

i'd love to host the blog carnival, whenever you need me to!
Wow!!! Another big edition. Great work Marj!

It is wonderful to see so many new people joining in this month!

I can't wait to start reading as soon as I get home from work!

Great work, Marj...Thank You hardly seems enough to say. It's been a long day but know it was longer for you! I wanted to read all and acknowledge... think I did. But now must take care...hope you are, too. CU soon
I'd be willing to host the carnival.
Cornnut: Thanks for the support. That would be great if you could June? You can come up with the date. Think of a Friday that would work for you.

Thanks, Nancy and happy reading!

ChildPerson: Actually, I've gotten pretty quick at putting these editions together. What I'm really bushed from is landscaping work. Whew! Feels good to sit down and take a break!

Lynda: Thanks for the offer. Maybe Cornnut could do June and you could host July?
Marj, thanks for the work that you do to keep this Carnival going. Thanks also for including my article. My husband and I are leaving town for the weekend so it may be Tuesday before I get to start reading the other articles. I look forward to reading them later.
Patricia: Have a good weekend and thanks for reading when you get back.
Great carnival. This was my first time contributing but likely won't be my last. That some of this material is difficult to read makes it that much more important that we do so.
Grab your award at my blog!
vjack: Thanks for you participation. And about the difficulty of the reading--well said.

TL: I'll come by and check it out. Thanks!
Great blog carnival!
This is always very inspiring. Thank you for doing it.

Blessings dear one!
April: Thanks and nice to "see" you.

Lily: You're welcome and thank YOU for your comment and for reading.

Thanks JBR and blessing also to you.
great! how about june 19th?
My Monster: isurvive looks like a good forum. I will add them to my "Support" page on my dot com site. I will also try my best to do the "Blogging For a Cause" by the end of the week.

I've been involved with message boards and forums and I know they can be of great help to many survivors. Good work in spreading the word.

Cornnut: June 19 sounds perfect! Are you going to go with the Father's Day/Parents theme that some suggested? I'll e-mail you or come over to your blog and we'll get you all set up. Thanks! I already know you'll be a great host.
the fathers/parents theme is great. send me an email to let me know what you need from me!
Well, dang! I don't need this today: Blogger is being a booger again. I'm finding some comments in my "moderate comments" folder that I didn't know had come in, and I've got "published" comments that are going *poof* into the black hole of cyberspace.

I will paste a comment that I got an e-mail notification for that just disappeared. Then, my response to that reader will make sense. :P


I saw you are a big supporter of abuse blogs and wondered if you have
heard of iSurvive? I am currently trying to involve bloggers to raise
money for this forum, and it is as easy as making a post! I am a
survivor and have found great support at iSurvive. It is a forum for
abuse survivors (sexual, emotional, physical, ritual, etc.) to share
there stories and paths to healing, and a place for them to interact.
I hope you will help the cause by "Blogging For A Cause". Here is some
more information, if you are interested:
. This is a great forum that has had trouble raising money given the
current economy worldwide.

Thank you for being a part of the abuse survivor community!

My Monster
Wow, loads of links for me to go read.

Thanks for being such a marvellous host.
Kahless: Thanks for actually reading them. Appreciate your support of the carnival.
Your work is so needed and I appreciate your great edition! Thanks for including my post from Stop the Storm. I hope something else I can write in the future might fit in here, as well! all the best, Linda
alchemynow-Linda: Thanks for joining us. I'm sure you have LOTS of posts we can use for the carnival. There's another deadline for a June edition next week. ;)
I could host a carnival sometime...I love yours, and those I see around. I need them. I haven't been at much, or felt any good about myself lately. Maybe helping connect others would help. Let me know.
Mile191: Sounds great, thanks. I had somebody over at Twitter who said they wanted to host the carnival and I replied that cornnut was going to do June, could they do July and I heard nothing back. So, let me check on that. Maybe one of you could do July and the other August.
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