May 22, 2009


I am Not a Burden, I am a Child

Today, as is every Friday, it's "Follow Friday" at Twitter. Also today, there seemed to be an unusually large amount of activity--or "Tweets"--raising awareness about child abuse. I was psyched, man! I was doing "Retweets"--where you highlight and repeat another person's tweet--all over the place!

But, the more I looked at these linked news articles, blog posts, YouTube videos and tweets, the more upset I got. A few of them really brought the tears on for me. I decided I needed a little art therapy, so I went over to Polyvore and created a collage.

I am Not a Burden I am a Child
I am Not a Burden I am a Child by Marj aka Thriver on

I think what got it all started--the feeling of the intense feelings, I mean--was a news article at CBS about the recent rise in reports of child abuse. I searched the topic "child abuse" at YouTube to see if the news video was posted there. You know me, the cyber klutz: It's the only way I know how to post videos here at my blog.

I didn't find a copy of the child abuse report, but what I did find was some information on one of my favorite charities: Childhel
p. Right now, if you vote for Martina McBride for the CMT Music Awards and she wins, CMT will donate money to Childhelp! Very cool! Phew! I was looking for some good news.

I am not a huge country music fan, but I am a huge fan of advocates for child abuse prevention and awareness. Go, Martina! Kudos to her for choosing Childhelp as her charity of choice and for raising awarness about child abuse through her video and song, Concrete Angel.

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This is very beautiful, Marj!
I would like to copy it to my blog.
Children deserves so much!
Thank you for doing this beautiful collage.
I feel honored that you'd like to share this at your blog. Yes, feel free to do that!...and thanks!
This is great that you were able to do this. I've done exactly one collage and it was helpful to me. I never thought of a digital collage.
Hey, nice to "see" you again, Paul! Yeah, I found out about this digital collage from another survivor at the Child Abuse Survivors ning network. It's still fairly new to me, but I think I'm liking it better than cutting and pasting stuff from magazines.
Awesome dear one..... thank you for sharing from your heart!

JBR: I always get that feeling from you, too. I appreciate that.
I love your collage.

And your post.
Glad you felt fired up about that! Advocating has always felt good and natural for me. Guess thats why I became a social worker eh? ;-)

Hope you, hubby and the boys are having a wonderful three day weekend!

Hugs to you my friend
Thanks, Kahless! :)

Jade: I did have a good weekend. I hope you had a good holiday as well.
Just copied your collage!
Thank you!!!!!!!!
What a beautiful collage Marj! I found your blog from Mindparts and thought I'd wander over and am so glad I did. Your blog is very intriguing and you are doing such important work. I'll be back :-)
Marj,great posting.thanks for sharing it.
Ana: Oh, goody! I'll come over and take a look...and thank YOU!

Jahda: Thanks for visiting and thanks for your kind words.

Mike: thank you...and you're welcome.
I come from Ana's blog. Nicely done. Art therapy is so great in that it helps the creator and speaks to others all at once
Cailin: Thanks for stopping over and thanks for your kind words. I totally agree with what you say about art therapy.
This is a beautiful collage and even more beautiful title.
Thank you for sharing it!
Vicki: And thank YOU for commenting on it. So nice to "see" you again.
If only I can be smart enough to learn how to make a polyvore image.... I still can't figure it out.
Hi, Paul! Thanks for commenting on my collage. I will e-mail you about Polyvore. It does seem rather confusing and daunting at first, but I know my way around there pretty well now. I think you'll get the hang of it.
Beautiful collage and title words. Thanks for sharing them.
Thanks for coming by this old post with your kind comment, Patricia!
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