May 12, 2009


Tell Me What Kind of Blog Carnival You Want

Just a quick post to say that I think I'm just going to do the May Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse myself. Yeah, I know...May is already almost half over. Guess I've been busy. I've had some really intense torture trauma processing issues that have made it necessary for me to do three hours of therapy a week lately. Man, I'm beat!

Anyway, I think I'll have the carnival edition run on Friday, May 29 with a submission deadline of Wednesday, May 27. You can submit a post anytime, using the handy submission form here.

As far as an edition theme goes, since this is right after Memorial Day, maybe we should have a theme about "In memory of...our old victim status," or we could focus on memories and flashbacks. Or, we could talk about Mother's Day and how that holiday is difficult for survivors. We could talk about motherless children. We could focus on creating new families and becoming parents ourselves. Any ideas? What would you like to focus on?

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I like the "memory" - Memorial day idea. I also like parent's day - then people can talk about father's day (upcoming) or mother's day or both.
Thanks for the feedback, Enola. Oh yeah, Father's Day is in June, so that's coming up, too. Parents Day is good.
I like both ideas, why not do them both? Or do the memorial one this month and a parent's day one for June in connection with Father's Day?
What a very hard week of therapy...I have done 2 hours but never 3. You must be so totally drained.

I really like parents day. For me Father's day is totally the hardest.
Mike: Maybe you've got the solution there. Thanks for the feedback!

Linylou: Thanks for visiting. There is so much attention on Mother's Day; I think we should discuss Father's Day and its challenges. I'm sorry it's so hard for you. I'm sure you're not alone.
I like both ideas. I could write/re-write and submit something for either or both depending on what you decide to do.
I'm with GA - I like both ideas and would love to write something for the carnival.
~ Grace
i cant remember what blog you thought would be good for submission that we did recently do you know?
JIP: You've got so many appropriate posts, you could almost pick any one...or two...

But, I'll come over and see which one we're talking about.
hi marj..
could you explain the theme a little bit more for me? (i'm a little duhhhh LMBO). i am thinking of participating if i could, but am unsure of "memorial...of our old victim status"? could you clarify that for me?

been reading ur blog and ur site lately...been stuck at home with my bad back. thinking of putting my time to good use and updating some stuff for myself, thought i'd try and write something for this too.

hope u are well,
~toni boyer
Hi, Toni. Thank so much for giving this some thought. But, I'm sorry to hear about your back.

I think what I meant about the memorial thing and victim status is that we can choose to be survivors-turning-thrivers and put our victim status to rest, so to speak. We can think of our childhood abuse as simply a memory, but not as charged as it was before therapy and/or healing.

But, that's just a theme idea and nobody's bound by it. We still have our regular submission categories every month: Survivor Stories; Aftermath; Poetry; In-The-News; Advocacy & Awareness; and Healing & Therapy. So you can submit for the theme or go with one of the six categories. Happy writing! :)
Saving Grace: Something is up at Blogger. I just had a "published" comment disappear into cyberspace and then I went to "Moderate Comments" at my account and saw yours there that I never got any notice of receiving. I'm sorry. I hope you didn't think I was ignoring you. I appreciate any contribution you can make to the carnival, any time. Best.
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