December 14, 2009


The Gift of Gratitude

I want to take some time out of the busy holiday schedule (which doesn't seem to be triggering me this year, thank God) to let each of my bloggy buddies know that I am grateful for your friendship. Your support and kind words always mean such a great deal to me. I want you all to know that. Each one of you is special and has a special place in my heart. Thank you!

My holiday wish for you is that the spirit of the season brings you true comfort and joy.

Thanks for Your Support!
Thanks for Your Support! by Marj aka Thriver on

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aww :) warm fuzzies~~ how sweet are you!

happy holidays, sincere gratitude, and warm wishes to you too marj~~~~~
Mama: I love that term, "warm fuzzies!" Warm fuzzies for us both. :)
Gratitude is a wonderful, mutual experience.
Hey, thanks for saying that Deb. Yeah! :)
Merry Christmas my friend. May you nights be filled with the joy of the season
And the same to you, dear Wanda!
awwww. love this pic and thanks Marj aka. Back at you. Stay safe ok. Sarah
Sarah: Let's all stay safe this holiday season. And thanks for those hug-backs!
Marj, you truly deserve all the happiness that this wonderful Christmas season has to offer you. Supporting you is always easy. Hugs and Love to you and your family.
Thanks for saying that, Patricia. It touched my heart. I'm sending those wishes your way, as well.
Thanks so much Marj, I hope you have a restful refreshing holiday period.

Kia Kaha (stay strong)
This is great Marj!
What else do I need? Fire, a nice place and my dog...
You are amazing Marj. Hope you can see the great woman you are.
Sometimes , we?* don't.
Love you,

*It took me 20 years in therapy to say this "we". :)
Dear one, love the picture, your words are too very kind and meaningful. Thank you and right back at you dear!

So, so grateful for you, too, today. And grateful for the post right before this one. I had similar crud happen to me too. Couldn't figure out why I was having panic attacks recently when singing on stage with choir . . . but duh . . . it was "being on stage" all over again. Sigh. Another hill to climb. But alas, the inbreaking of Christ this season if proof He can break into any situation and save us. I will cling to that and pray for you today, too. And merry, merry Christmas, dear one!
Marj, you've got my support and friendship as long as you keep in contact with me. :-)

Gosh... I think we're going on about 3 years now of being blogging buddies..I think you just might be stuck with me. :-D
Thank-you Marj. I am grateful for your friendship too.

A commercial comes to mind...

"Thanks! I needed that!"

You are a special person, Marj! Thanks for all you do to encourage others.
I would love to be one of your bloggy buddies. Thank you for your honesty on here. My blog is at It's called What you see in here stays in here.
I'm new. I hope you like it.
Love the picture. Merry Christmas!
Wow! Here I was, slowly answering each comment one at a time...and now there are a whole slew of 'em! Whew! Thank you, S'onnie, Ana, JBR, Amy, Jade, Kahless, Paul, Barbara and Colleen, for picking up your Christmas card! And thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment, Vickie. I'll check out your blog. Welcome! Happy Holidays, all! :)
Good and healing thoughts to you.

And also to you, Kate. thanks! :)
Thank you Marj :)

You are a huge gift to all survivors!

I'm glad your holidays are more peaceful this year!

Blessings to you,
Thanks for saying that, Nancy. It means a lot. Blessings to you, too!
What a sweet and loving "gift" of yourself to those of us who find you very special, Marj... Hope your holidays remain trigger free... and if that should not be the case may the wonders of the season bring you the peace you deserve. Love and best wishes for a glorious new year!
{{{{{{{sweet Marj}}}}}}}
Child Person: What a lovely holiday greeting. thanks! Same to you.

EH: thanks for those hugs and backatcha, deary! :)
Warmest wishes for a great 2010!
AD: And to you, too! Thanks so much!
AWWW:) We are grateful for your friendship too!
Thanks for stopping by with this lovely comment, Faith. I'm glad you liked the card.
Came by again to give you more hugs.....
JBR: Awww! That's so sweet of you! ((((((JBR)))))) here's some for you and I'll swing by your blog with some hugs as well! :)
This is wonderful and made my day thank you so much for your support and ever kind words :)

I hope you have a wonderful holiday
This is so beautiful :)

Thank you for sharing that care and compassion with us all...

Take care and wishing you a safe and happy holiday,
It's always good to take a moment and be grateful for the good people in our lives. Thanks for the reminder, and for being one of those good people!
Innocencestolen, JIP, CG & Mike: Thanks for "picking up" your card. I'm glad you like it. Thanks for being those good people in my bloggy life. Seasons Greetings!
JUST LOOK at all of the love connected to this post. :-D FANTASTIC!

Merry Christmas my friend. I hope you and your family have a wonderfully cozy day.
Thanks for the big hug!! The picture is so cute!!! Praying for your holiday to be filled with great joy, blessings, comfort and love.
Awww!!! I am so thankful for your friendship, and support, and encouragement!

I hope that your holiday season is filled with peace that surpasses understanding, a joy unspeakable and lots of love and laughter!!!

Love you!!!
Thank you so much Marj...I had a horribly triggering weekend ~ after a fairly decent week of what I thought was introspection and progress....but I'm back now.
Thank you for dropping by...
~ Gracie
Tracie & Clueless: Wow! Peace, comfort, joy, laughter, love, blessings...the same to both of you! How wonderful to send those thoughts out there for each other.

You're right, Jade! There IS a lot of love connected to this post. Thanks for being part of it. I so appreciate you all.
Hi, Grace! I'm so glad you're back. What a strange coincidence: A similar thing happened to me. I had kinda a crappy T session today, too. But, seeing these wonderful comments sure helps me feel better. (((((((safe, warm, comforting hugs)))))) backatcha deary!
awwww...thanks! You are amazing and I absolutely love you....that love that is bound by a friendship formed from unfortunate circumstances growing to a beautiful bounty. Thank you. Back at you friend!
Wow, Mile! I love how you said this: "love that is bound by a friendship formed from unfortunate circumstances growing to a beautiful bounty." Awesome! And I totally agree. Take care, my friend.
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