November 16, 2009


Take a Ride, Help a Child!

Update, 11/19/09: Happy World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse. Whew! This is a HUGE carnival I'm organizing here, with over 35 posts! I will do my best to have the edition up and posted by early this afternoon. See ya then!


Thursday (11/19) is World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse. It's an annual, global awareness campaign, launched in 2000. Won't you help a child--help break the cycle--by raising awareness about child abuse at our Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse? I'm hosting an edition here at my blog on Thursday--"World Day."

Butterfly Ferris Wheel
Butterfly Ferris Wheel by Marj aka Thriver on
You can submit items from the news, poetry, survivor stories, posts about healing & therapy, advocacy & awareness, and abuse aftermath. Also starting this month, we have a *New* category: art therapy. If you love collage at Polyvore like I do, embed one of your collages into one of your blog posts and submit it for this new category. We will also take drawings, paintings...any kind of visual art, as long as it's part of a blog post and it was created for art therapy/healing purposes. In addition to these monthly categories, I'd like to see lots of posts this month that focus on prevention of child abuse, to celebrate "World Day."
The deadline is tomorrow, Tuesday, November 17, at midnight Pacific Time, U.S. Hurray! You can use this submission form here.

Tuesday, 11/17 Update: Thanks for the heads up on the Blog Carnival submission form link not working. I think it's working now. Thanks for your interest and support of our carnival. If you tried to submit before and couldn't, please try again! Appreciate your patience! ;)

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Marj -
Thanks for your comments on my support. It seems like you and I were thinking in a similar vein. I had seen the upcoming edition, and had the thought that my latest post might suit. I would be glad to for you to post "Talk of Tigers" on the blog carnival Thursday. Is this sufficient to have it included, or do I need to submit it somewhere else? I forget what I did last time.

Marj -
I found how to submit my blog post. :) I also added a couple of sentences at the end of it that for some reason I had left off when I moved it over from my website. It clarifies that I was forced to confront and deal with my rage, but in a safe way. I was committed to not hurting anyone, and I took extraordinary steps to assure that.
Dan: I'm glad you got the form figured out. You're fast! I got your submission already. Everything looks fine. Thanks!

sounds like a great carnival. i hope to have time to join in some part.

thanks again for all you do.

mile 191
Hey, Mile! You must have ESP. I went to your blog earlier today and right then, Internet Explorer crashed. After some rebooting and tweaking, I got Firefox to run again (my first choice anyway). I'll have to see if I can get back to your blog now. Thanks for your support and I hope you join us Thursday!
Thanks for the support and encouragement. I have revised and submitted that post from today for the carnival. I made revisions with my whole heart and feel that they are good, honest and true to where I feel I am.

Thanks! It felt good to take a look through a different lens, one of hope and healing.
I got your submission and it looks great, Mile. I'm so glad we could help each other. Thanks! :)
hi marj~ i don't think i'll be submitting this month, but i wanted to say again how wonderful it is that you support this carnival and everything else you do~ you are an inspiration and it makes my heart feel better just knowing you're out there.

safe hugs!
Thanks a bunch Marj! I really appreciate it!
heres ours

what its like living inside a big body but stuck being a little because of abuse that created you in the first place
I have an award for you.
Please come to receive it if you accept it:
Mama: No worries. Thanks for letting me know so I won't nag you over at your blog ;) But, thanks for your support of the carnival (and me!), as always!

Erin: You're welcome. Good luck with the new blog.

JIP: Sounds great! I'll get that in for you. Thanks!

Ana: Nice to "see" you, friend. Awwwww! For lil' ol' me? Of course I'll accept it. I'll be over later.
Hi Marj,
I submitted my entry for the November carnival on 10/29. Hope you got it. If not, I can resubmit it.

I did get your submission, Rick. And I still have it. Thanks for being so prompt!
I submitted both posts you mentioned. You can use one or both, does not matter to me, whatever you think. Maybe next time I will submit a collage! Blessings and hugs!
I got both your submissions, Colleen. Thank you so much. And I would LOVE it if you let us use a collage some time! :)
Thank you dear one for hosting..... ((((Marj))))
Thanks for your support, JBR!
I looking forward to the next carnival. You are such an inspiration. Hugs my friend.
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