October 23, 2009


A Little Business To Attend To

Update: 10/30/09: Lynda has the October edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse up at her blog, In The Best Interest: Child Advocacy Law. She's done a wonderful job of organizing the entries. We were able to get several that were in the child abuse prevention and advocacy category; under that theme. Please go over and support these brave bloggers, won't you? I appreciate the survivor solidarity!


Starting Sunday night, I'm going to spend six days away from my noisy, always-begging-for-some-form-of-attention, house. I'm going to rest, process and write, as well as comfort and pamper myself a little bit.

Don't worry, I'll still be on top of things for next week's October edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. This month's host is Lynda at In The Best Interest: Child Advocacy Law. Now, you don't have to know anything about child advocacy law to enter this carnival. We will still have our regular submission categories of: Aftermath, Advocacy & Awareness, Healing & Therapy, In The News, Poetry and Survivor Stories. In addition, Lynda has set a theme of advocacy (perfect fit, right?) for this edition. To be exact, Lynda says, "The theme is: Beginner's Guide to Saving a Child. We are seeking submissions on volunteer opportunities, ways to help work to end child abuse and organizations that focus their efforts on this important work." I've already submitted my post called, Take A Stand, Raise Your Hand. I'm actually getting my own post in before the day of the deadline for a change. Yay!

Speaking of which, the deadline is Wednesday, October 28th for the Friday 10/30 edition. (That's midnight Eastern time in the U.S.). You can submit your own post using this form here. Please make sure to tell your friends and get your own posts in while I'm gone, okay? Thanks, everyone, for your continued support and contributions to this carnival. Together, we can make a difference and raise awareness about child abuse!

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I wish you the best with your time away! Take care! <3
i hope your week gives you everything you need~~~ safe hugs and best wishes!!
Thank you very much!
Enjoy the break!
Thanks, Mike! I hope I can count on you to spread the word about the upcoming Blog Carnival edition while I'm away. ;) Thanks!
Have a great time and esnure you get pampered as much as possible.
Marj, I hope that your time away is a healing and restful time for you!!
have a good break
Keep up the great work on your blog Carnival! Your doing wonders!
I hope you're being flooded with comfort and a feeling of peace right now. I just sent you a little prayer/positive energy. Big safe hugs your way Marj.
Thanks for your well wishes and support. I will have limited Internet access while I'm gone, but I'll check in here and there. I had my first of three hour-and-a-half therapy sessions this morning and I think we're going to get a lot accomplished this week. Have a good Monday, everyone.
:-) I think thats awesome my friend! 3 1/2 hours is a long session. I hope you guys had breaks! Lord knows that i would love to extend my 1 hour session every once and a while. Sadly...haha I can't afford it. Here's to your healing my friend!
Jade: LOL! That WOULD be a long session! Acutally I've got three sessions scheduled this week and they are all an hour-and-a-half long each. I find that I can really do some deep trauma processing and have some resolution before I leave if I go for 1 1/2 hours instead of just one hour. So, my total this week is 4 1/2 hours. Still long enough. Whew!

I got some really good work done yesterday, I have a break today and then I go again tomorrow. Thanks for thinking of me.

Get those blog carnival submissions in, folks! ;)
Haha, ok. That makes more sense! I must have read it wrong or something. I had NEVER heard of a individual 3 hour session. Hehe both you and your counselor would walk out exhausted from a 3 hr session! hehe YOu'd think I'd know how to read correctly by now eh?
Question.... have you ever done EMDR?

If you have I'd love to get your take on it. My counselor is wanting to give that a go with me to see if we can defuse some specific tramas of my own.
Keeping you close in my thoughts dear one. Blessings and much hugs.....
Thanks so much, JBR

And Jade: I've tried EMDR twice. I had a terrible time with it the first time because that therapist didn't bother to ground me first and I got totally re-traumatized. Then, I had great results with it with a therapist who knew about grounding and gave me some great exercises for that. So, that would be my caution--make sure you're grounded first. A good therapist should know what this means and entais. Good luck!
I completely trust my counselor. She is amazing and has never taken me through something I wasn't ready for. Thanks for the heads up. My first go at it with her is on Wed. Its a hour and a half session. I'll let you know how it goes.
Good luck on Wednesday and please do let me know how it goes. I'll be thinking of you, Jade.
hi marj! i just wanted to pop over to say i've been thinking of you this week and sending you positive thoughts and healing wishes~~
Have a great week! You so deserve it.
It's EMDR day! I'm a little nervous about it. The dumb type of nervous to where I giggle! I wouldn't think a case of the nervous giggles would be condusive to a EMDR session... hehe

Hope your Wed is going smoothly :-)
Mama and Wanda: Thanks so much for keeping me in your thoughts and stopping by with your well wishes. I so appreciate that and I appreciate YOU both.

Jade: I hope the session went well. My second T session for the week got moved, so I'm off for one soon...at 3PM.
EMDR kicked my butt Marj. It was ok when we started, got uncomforatble when we actually started, tough when it was over and now my skin is crawling. My mind is still going even though the session is over and its kind of intense. I wasn't expecting this. I wasn't aware of large amount of imagry involved in this approach. So... thats my small update for ya. I posted in my bold blend blog...and will probably continue to post in there until I get these kinks worked out.

Thank you for checking in and the support. It means alot.
Hi, Jade. I'll come over to that blog and see your updates. Thanks for letting me know.
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