October 02, 2009


You Are Beautiful. Yes You!

If you couldn't tell, I'm really enjoying my experience and the community over at Polyvore. I discover new things there all the time (at least when my computer is cooperating). The other day I stumbled onto something that reminded me that I--we all--need this reminder: We are beautiful! I think it is so easy for survivors to think that they are ugly. Especially if we are in therapy or doing memory work, we have to stare ugly in the face. But, we are beautiful. Let's remember that.

You are beautiful. (Yes, you.)
You are beautiful. (Yes, you.) by Chloe™ on Polyvore.com

I'm posting this collage, aka "set" of Chloe's, which is the reminder for me that started it all. Turns out, she was inspired by a campaign called Operation Beautiful. Through this campaign, people are leaving reminders--posty notes--all over the world to spread the "you are beautiful" love. Cool, huh? You can go to the Operation Beautiful website and get instructions on how to get involved and find out how to have your own posted note...er posted! ;)

And as a final reminder of your beauty, I will leave a copy of my poem, "Your Beauty" below for your reading enjoyment. Have a beautiful day!

Your Beauty

I see the beauty you can’t see

You’re unaware of what it does for me

It’s the light shining in your eyes

Lifting me up to brighter skies

Still you walk around

And you hang your head

Sometimes wishing

You were dead

But if you could see

What I see in you

There’d be nothing, love,

That you could not do.

Copyright 2003 Marj McCabe ~ All Rights Reserved

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Check out my Sept 30th post for my own "you are beautiful" reminder
Oh, cool, Enola! I will do that right away.
oh that is wonderful marj! i really needed that today~ thank you. you are indeed beautiful~~~
Mama: Hey, you're back! Great to "see" you! Thank YOU and...you're welcome! ;)
Sweet Marj,
This is wonderful, I believe even participating in my little world here at home in the "you are beautiful project" is a wonderful idea.!!!
The poem,
So very YOU!
Take care my friend,

Maybe we should write out that same message on a post-it note, and all go and place in a book in a bookstore.

Maybe someone who needs to hear the message might just open the book and see it.
Thanks, Vicki. Sweet friend!

Kahless: that sounds like a great way to expand the campaign!
What a neat idea!!
Your poem is wonderful.
Tracie: Hey, you're back! Nice to "see" you. Thanks for your kind comment.
Marj, thanks for sharing more of the beauty of you with your poem.
Love your poem. Really need to hear that sometimes. And the posted note is such a great idea! Thanks!
Patricia and Colleen: thanks for your lovely comments and thanks for sharing the beauty of being you!
Marj, this is so uplifting. Appreciate you very much.
Blessings and much ((((Marj))))
JBR: I'm so glad it was uplifting for you. Thanks for the feedback. Many hugs and blessings to you, too, dear person!
I love this post! All of us do need that reminder. Thank you for posting.
Through your posts and collages, I became interested and tried my hand at Polyvore. My first try was a bit clumsy but a lot of fun and I decided to be brave and post it anyway! I gave you credit on my blog and mentioned your beautiful work! Thanks.
Hi, April. I hope that reminder made you smile. And I hope you are posting, too. I'll come over and check.

Colleen: Oh! I'm so excited to hear you tried Polyvore. I think there may be several of us bloggers over there now. You're sweet to credit me and all, but what I want to see is your collage. I'll come over and look.
Thank you for posting this, I really needed it today. It was so nice to see this Operation Beautiful, I think I will have to leave a bunch of notes.

Take care! <3
You're welcome, IK. And I hope you do leave some notes. But, always start with yourself in remembering that YOU are beautiful!
Wonderful reminder!
here's a little something for you~


Wanda: I hope that you hold that reminder in your heart and mind today: YOU are beautiful!

Mama: Something for ME? Ooo...goody! I'll come over and look.
I received an award, and I'd like to pass one onto you for being a blog I read!
Hi Marj, I have seen you comment on a couple of other pages especially Patricia's and I just wanted to introduce myself to you. I have a husband a son and a dog and have STRUGGLED with friendships. I have what I would call mild disacossiation. And I can't spell it. Anyway, I love your blog, I love your photo, I love this post and I would love to invite you to read my poem about beauty that I wrote last week.
Thanks, Tracie. I'll come over and check that out.

Speck of Dust: Thanks for your kind compliments. I'd love to read your poem. I'll come over.
Hi, Marj -

Thank you for the reminder . . . I need reminders like that often.

- Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)
Thank you for the reminder. I definitely needed it!
mmaaggnnaa: thanks for visiting. I'm glad the reminder was good for you.

You too, Lisa Marie!
I am new here, so far I like what I see. I am survivor of child abuse of all kinds. I needed a place and I found it.

Thanks, Marj!
Hello my friend! I have to say... thank you so much for checking in on my page. It means a lot and I will be updating my page soon. Very soon. I'm starting to feel a little better and plan on joining life again soon!
You are beautiful! Your strength is beautiful. Your resilience is beautiful! Own it girl. :-)
hmmm thinking about all the reasons why im not beautiful must get that thinking turned around
Rose: Welcome! Thanks for leaving a comment. I'm glad you feel like this could be a good place that you are needing.

Jade: You make me smile. Okay, let's all own it. We're beautiful! Yeah!

JIP: I'm glad you realize that you need to get that thinking turned around, because YOU are beautiful. If I surveyed your blog readers, I'm sure we could come up with LOTS and LOTS of reasons why our JIP is beautiful...all of her! ;)
Thank you for posting this...I think I will need to revisit your picture and poem daily.
YOU are beautiful!
~ Grace
Grace: I think we all may need these reminders stuck to our household mirrors! We're all beautiful! Yeah!
Im still making my way around the different post that you have made and this is so awesome. Im told this quite often by a wonderful husband but I struggle with believing or receiving it. Im having a rough time seperating my beauty from the ugliness of the abuse. I feel like the abuse took that beauty from me and left this ugly stain that can never go away. I have struggled so the past few days with sharing and writing memories of the abuse and sometimes it feels as if Im being punished for something that was not suppose to be my fault. Each memory seems as real to me as the day that it happened. Sometimes they play over and over again in my head. I just want to stop the tape and go on with my life. Thank you again for this. I think I have found somewhere that I can go and release somethings to someone who cares and understands the pain. I owe my counselor so much for sharing this site with me, it is like having a in between place to go when Im waiting for my next counseling session or after it is over.
Anon: Let me just say, again, that I am truly touched that your T recommended my blog to you and that you have found something helpful here. I'm so glad.

As far as the ugly goes, I am so familiar with that part of the healing journey. That's why I wrote the "You're Beauty" poem and I post it as a reminder periodically. I need the reminder myself sometimes.

But, what we really need to remember is that the ugly does not belong to us. It belongs to our abusers. They tried to stick their ugly onto us because they didn't get the therapy and help they needed. But, our beauty remains. And part of what adds to our beauty is the fact that we ARE getting help...healing...and breaking the cycle of abuse. What could be more beautiful than that? The world needs us and our beauty!
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