March 13, 2009


Telling the Secret at the 22nd Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

MiKael--also known as Rising Rainbow--has done a fantastic job on our 22nd edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. It is now posted up at her blog, My Clouds, My Storms, and Multiple Personality Disorder. There are 23 posts in this carnival edition, by 17 contributing bloggers. Several articles are under this month's theme of "telling the secret." As you might imagine, child abuse is usually an ugly family secret. These posts talk about the negative messages that warn against disclosing the secret, as well as the hurdles and pitfalls involved when the decision is made to go ahead and tell. These participants are all courageous, strong, awareness-raising advocates in the fight against child abuse. Please visit their blogs, leave comments and show your support. Thank you!

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I keep missing this! I wanted to submit some articles...Argh!
Sorry you missed March. But, just send one in now and we'll hang on to it for April.
Thank you so much for your effort in helping our healing process. Do you feel that your service to us is helping you heal? Just wondering. I am trying to figure out a balance in myself. hmmmm.
Wow, Mile 191! You really feel like I'm helping the healing process of others and providing a service? That means a lot to me. I guess I never really thought about it exactly like that before. I know blogging has helped my healing enormously because I don't feel so alone anymore...I don't feel like such a freak anymore.

Thanks for the comment. You've given me a lot to think about.
I'm going to cut and paste part of a "comment" I got and then put up my answer to it.
I'm very thankful to you for your blog (I second Mile191's comment about it) but a blog facelift :) is revitalizing and invigorating!

Since you went back to the old everything in your Sidebar is down at the bottom of your blog, not in your sidebar.

Redecorating your cyber-home is like redecorating your home or a room in it, to reflect the ambiance you want and your creative, spiritual self.

Email me and I will send you clear, step-by-step help in redecorating your blog, the way *you* want it! I think you will be happy knowing you can do it and being in charge of how it looks. It's empowering!
I figured out--me, the cyber klutz figured it out on my own--that the Twitter widget was what was messing up my sidebar links, so I fixed that with something simple. As I've said many times before, this is simply my blog, my journal, my "convrsation." Any fancy, designy-type stuff is on my dot com site (which I pay for) at So, thanks, but no thanks.
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