March 20, 2009


Spring Break

I'll be gone for about five days during my son's Spring Break. Instead of some sandy beach, we're going to Minnesota to visit some friends. While I'm there I'm going to get to have lunch with Marcella Chester. Because I donated a little bit of cash to help her get to the 2009 Women Action and Media (WAM) conference, she's going to give me a copy of her book and maybe we'll talk some about blogging, raising awareness, etc. Marcella is the founder of The Blog Carnival Against Sexual Violence and runs the blog, Abyss2Hope. She's really the person responsible for getting me into blog carnivals in the first place and motivated me to found The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. I guess you could call her a blogging mentor for me. I'm excited to meet her!

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And I'm excited to meet you as well.
Thanks, Marcella. And I wish you all the best at WAM.
have a good break
I hope you have an absolutely fabulous time. Cant wait to hear about it.
Thanks, Kahless
Thanks, JIP
"see" ya when I get back!
Hey. I never got to you that blog post for the Carnival. Do you know when the next one is?
Have a great SPRING BREAK...yeah you! smile across the miles.
Hi Marjean,
Glad Marcella and you are able to meet. One day I hope to meet you also. Take care
Have a wonderful time and a fantastic meeting. How exciting!!!

I apologize for disappearing for such an extended period of time. I think/hope I am all pulled together and moving forward again.

Can't wait to hear about your trip when you return.

Mile 191: Yes, the next carnival is 4/17/09 with submissions due on 4/15/09. But you can submit anytime you want. Use this url:

And I had a great spring break. Back now. Thanks for those smiles.

Hey, nice to "see" you, Holly. It's been a while. I would LOVE to go to Canada and meet you some time. Your country is definitely on my trip list.

Tamara: I understand you probably needed a little time out for grieving. That can be a healthy thing. Glad you're back!
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