March 12, 2009


Quote of the Day

I've got a couple of posts that I'm ready to put up, but I want to make sure to highlight space here for tomorrow's March edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. So, here are just a few little tidbits from cyberspace that I want to share with you. First of all, I've finally joined Twitter. If you are a Twitterer, let me know so I can follow you there. Twitter is also the place where I found out about this conversation going on today about domestic violence. Check it out here. And, I'll leave you with a little quote to take up just a little more blog space in the meantime, before tomorrow's carnival. This is one of my all-time favorite quotes about sexual violence.

"The solution to sexual violence in America is not more laws, more guns, more police, or more prisons. The solution to sexual violence is the acceptance of reality."
~ Gavin De Becker

Today is a therapy day. So, I'm off to do the seemingly-endless and oh-so-fun work!

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Thanks for posting the link to the online radio program. ((((Hugs))))
You're welcome. I only got to listen to about two minutes of it before I had to run off to my T session. Thanks for the huggsies!
I like the quote. I think that's a step that we acknowledge the problem. I think that the next step would be examining power dynamics within our society.
Karma: Small steps are okay. As long as we keep moving forward. Thanks for commenting.
Great quote!! Acceptance is vital. Not just in terms of trauma though of course it's a biggie what with the drift we all have towards denial/being numb.

I mean, acceptance is being with the problem. And that *does* resolve violence, eventually - maybe it doesn't always look like a 'fix' though 'eh?
CK: Good points. You know, you seem wise beyond your years.
hey ((Marj)))

I love that quote you posted. Hope all is well by you.

Cassie! It's been a while. So glad to "see" you. Hugs backatcha sweetie!
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