March 05, 2009


Lucky You: You Can Be a Part of our March Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

Let's see...a week from Friday is Friday the 13th. Tuesday, March 17 is St. Patrick's Day, when we celebrate the luck of the Irish. So, whether you believe in good luck, bad luck, making your own luck, or no luck at all, join us for the March 13 Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse.

Our host this month is RR--Rising Rainbow-- over at My Clouds, My Storms, and Multiple Personality Disorder. When she realized that the carnival would fall on Friday the 13th, she had this to say:

"The theme of this carnival will be 'telling the secret'...I guess my reasoning behind this theme had to do with the Friday the 13th date of the carnival. With the superstitious nature of the date, it reminded me of all of the messages there are around "telling" in the first place. From there it was an easy leap for me to 'let's talk about telling the secret.'"

Of course, you do not have to submit a blog post that follows the theme of this edition at all. As usual, we will have our regular categories of Advocacy & Awareness, Aftermath, Healing & Therapy, In The News, Poetry and Survivor Stories. We welcome all survivors, supporters and advocates of child abuse awareness and prevention--whether first-time contributors or regulars. And don't forget: You can always nominate a blogger you admire and their post that has a child abuse topic. Submissions are due by Wednesday, March 11. If you want to submit a post to this carnival you can use the submission form here. Please note: Something is wrong over at Blog Carnival dot com. When you first go to the submission form, it looks blank. Just scroll down and you'll eventually see the fields to fill in.

Action--->Please leave me a comment if you have already submitted or plan to submit to this carnival edition. That way, I won't come to your blog or e-mail you and bug you to submit something. ;) Thanks!

Thanks for your contributions and support of our carnival which is going into its 22nd edition. And thanks to RR--she's going to be a fantastic host. I just feel lucky about that! *wink*

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Hi Marj,

I thought it was quite a coincidence that RR's theme for this months carnival is "Telling the Secret," because I posted "Standing in the Truth," just last week.

I have already submitted it to the Twenty-Second edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse.

BTW, on both my work and home computers, the submission link on RR's blog re-directs me to a "Server not found" page.

Hey, Nancy. Hhhmmmm....I'll have to come over and look at your similar post. Thanks for making a submission and for telling me about the bad link. I'll look into that.
Thank you for sharing your blogs. Much appreciated. Blessings!!
Hi, Marj - I'll be sure to submit, too. I've written a lot recently on the necessity of speaking. reaching out and telling our stories.
I'll try to write something as an advocate.
Real Gal: You're welcome. Thanks for visiting.

Oh, Excellent, Michele. Thanks! I'll look forward to seeing what you choose.

Yay, Ana! You rock!
Marj - Thanks for the invite to the March Blog Carnival. I'm somewhat "software stupid" and I don't understand about the permalink. I would like to submit one of poems and participate. I have read about the permalink at the submissions page...still have no idea what to do! HELP!!!
Rainbow: Thanks for your interest in submitting to the carnival.

I, myself, use the term "cyber klutz" to describe me. But, I'm getting more educated in cyberland every day. :P

I'll come to your blog and give you some pointers, no prob!
we sent two in already
Yay, JIP! Thank you so much.
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Hey Marj,

I just submitted an article for the blog carnival. Hope you like it!
Mile 191: Thanks for that support. I'll come and look at your "Women Doing More" link.

Beauty: Hey, thanks for submitting something. You always have great posts to contribute.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mile 191: The Women Doing More site looks awesome! And, yes, I think your contribution article would be great for the carnival. Thanks!
This looks to be fascinating! Can't wait to read everyone's contributions.
Thanks, CK. We can use all the readers we can get. Appreciate the support.
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