January 17, 2009


Housekeeping Heartburn

I guess I'm just a technology dinosaur. I think I've referred to myself as a "cyber klutz" before as well. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I let things get so old and out of date on my dot com site as well as this here blog: When I set aside the time to update, I end up really frustrated!

Today, I discovered that I could switch from Blogger's old "template" format on my blog to the newer "layout" format. I finally found a way to display my archives the way I want. I didn't like having every month from the beginning of my blog--2005!--displayed, tumbling all the way down on my sidebar. I can also direct readers to various posts by category/label; I like that. I also can now do a little font and color formatting that I couldn't do before. Oh, and I really like the new "following/follower" widget thingy. These are the things I gain with the switch.

Unfortunately, I don't think these things are worth what I lost: All the awards I've ever received, the Cluster Maps graphic (which is the only thing close to site meter statistics I've ever used) and the widgets for The Child Abuse Survivor Network and for the Blog Carnival. (This last one is very imporant to me.)

Does anybody have some advice for this cyber klutz? Maybe I'm just missing something that's so obvious to other bloggers out there who are more savvy than I am.

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see ya know what i ave no idea wat ya figgin talkin bote LOL an thats fa real
Copy the html on the widgets and awards, paste it into word.

Then when you have a new template create a new html code widget, and paste in the code????
Hi Marj,

If you can give me a little guidance, I'd be happy to host an edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse.

My profile page has a link to my e-mail address.

JIP: And I have no idea what Kahless is talking about. LOL! I always appreciate a visit, tho.

Kahless: thank you for your sweet response. I can tell you are a LOT more cyber savvy than I am. "create a new html code widget?" How do I do that? Also, I don't really want a new template. I so confused! ;P

Oh, Nancy! That's wonderful news, thank you. I will e-mail you.
I'm a trial and error learning, and I often lose things when I learn.
Ohh I wish I could help you. I am horrible with technology but it looks like you've got it figured out. Your page looks different than I remember it.

Hope that inner child is getting the comfort she needs!

Big safe hugs to you,
I didn't know until your post that I could track stuff.
Dr. Deb, Jade & Enola: Thanks for stopping by. I guess we're all learning, huh? ;)
I need to clarify first what you are tring to achieve.

Is it to change your blogger template but have in the new one all the stuff you have down your sidebar currently?

Did you back up your old template before switching to the new? If so all your stuff should still be there.

Hope you can figure it out...I'm not the most computer literate myself!
don't really have any advice, but I do have a new award for you. Glad you are still here.
Grab your award from my "The Write Way" blog.

No clue. I've tried "upgrading" and I lose all my links. Un-uh. Not going to happen so I keep going back to the "classic" format. I just can't figure out how to get the links to transfer into the new format. And mind you, I've been on the internet since I wrote my own html code for my professional webpage!
Thanks for the ideas and well-wishes on the heartburn, everyone. I may just do what April does and go back to my old format. Then, I can have the graphics...like those wonderful awards and such! ;)
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