January 22, 2009


Wounded Vision

Hey, everybody. Whiney Wiener here. I've just had a string of days where it seems everything I've tried to accomplish has blown up in my face. I'm also sick to f-ing death of this rib injury. There's just nothing I can do in my day-to-day life without that rib causing me pain. Think about it. Every day, all day long, we stretch, we bend, we twist, we lift, we pull, we reach up, we reach down, etc. etc. And it all hurts! Aaaccckkk!

Maybe it's just PMS, I don't know. Well, anyway. Sometimes when I feel all frustrated and fed up like like this, I have to get it out in a poem. So here's one:

Wounded Vision

This world has not
Been kind to me
I've never fit in here

I'm wrong about that
So it seems
My vision's just not clear

And my neck is weak
It's not strong enough
To lift my face from the dirt

I can't look up
And see my dreams
My heart has been too hurt.

Copyright 2009, Marj McCabe, all rights reserved

There. Now. Maybe, now that I've gotten that out, I can get on with some other, bloggy logistics tomorrow. Thank you for letting me vent. And...thanks to everyone who gave me advice or at least commiserated with me on my blogging technical frustrations. You guys rock, as always!

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What a heartbreaking poem! :(

Isn't it horrible to have an injury the impacts you in so many ways. We just don't appreciate the beauty of the way these bodies move until we have an injury.

I will send healing energy in hopes that you feel better soon.

Tamara: Sorry to be such a downer. But I do so appreciate the healing vibes and the hugs! Thanks!
(((hugs))) Whine all you want. Rib injuries stinks. I hope you feel much better soon.
Thanks Enola! :) I do feel better just getting the whining out of me.
I have heard rib injuries are painful.

So wishing you less pain...

Thanks, Kahless. And thanks for trying to help me with my template. Sorry I'm so clueless. ;P I'm probably just going to go back to my old version later this weekend.
Hi Marj...just wanted to respond to your question at my blog...yes, I go by Battle Weary at the child abuse survivors site!
Ow, painful poem.
But I can relate to rib pain too... had intercostal neuritics for a couple of years that I thought was going to kill me. If we could just stop breathing, it might stop hurting eh? I hope yours heals up quickly.
Battle Weary: I'll see you around the Child Abuse Survivor network!

Immi: Thanks. Isn't that a line from a song, "it only hurts when I breathe?" Not something we can avoid doing!

You are not a downer when you express your honest emotion. We all have our up days and our down. A serious injury like yours really impacts your days and makes it that much more difficult to maintain a positive state of mind. It is perfectly understandable.

Hope the ribs are getting better. Believe me when I get so much as a paper cut it impacts may day and my state of mind! Seriously!

Hey girl, powerful words right there. Many I can relate to. Hopefully if blogging has given you nothing else it has given you the knowledge that you are not alone, you are part if an army of survivors fighting their battles in the world.

Together we stand! Divided we fall. So stand next to me girly!

Big hugs to you my friend
oh, Tamara! You're sweet to come back with those kind words. I realized I sorely needed (pardon the pun!) some inner-child comfort. So I invested some time on that and I feel quite a bit better. Maybe I'll write about that next. ;)

Jade: You're awfully sweet, too, and I appreciate you. Yeah, maybe if we all remembered we are connected, and stood right next to each other, we wouldn't keep falling down!
Absolutely raw, yet honest poem. It was wonderful!
Thank you, Cat. And thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment.
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