January 27, 2009


Linky Lunacy!

Hey, guys! Thanks for putting up with me (and supplying some kind words, cyber hugs and support) while I was down in the pit of "woe-is-me." I realized--even before my therapy session (yay, me!)--that I needed to do some more inner child comfort. When I switched my focus on that for a while, I started to feel much more productive.

Speaking of productive: Get ready, because this is post is going to be "linky lunacy!" Links ahead!
As you may notice, I switched back to my old Blogger template format. I got all my widgets, awards and avatars back. It's funny, really. Just when I was feeling down and winter-weary, I got two awards that look to be quite similar. I didn't have any luck getting either of these awards graphics to post (here or on my sidebar/template), so go to the post where the bloggers who awarded them talk about the awards, okay?

This first one is from Teresa Lynne who writes Teardrops on Roses, which you can link to on my sidebar. She also writes a blog called The Write Way, which is where I received the award. It's called a "Triple Award." Wow! Cool! Thanks, Tery! The other one comes from Mile 191 at Come Into My Closet. This award is called the "Lemonade Award." Both of these awards are supposed to go to awardees who show great attitude and/or gratitude. I'm glad Tery and Mile 191 don't think I'm a whiney wiener all the time! Thanks!

I'll have to get up my nominees for this award later, otherwise this will be a really long post.

The second linky-related thing I want to mention is a couple of network "ning" groups I've joined recently. Ever heard of those? They are pretty cool. The first one was started by my friend, Mike McBride, over at Child Abuse Survivor. The group is The Child Abuse Survivors ning. Won't you come over and join us? There's room for survivors, supporters, blogging, forums, chats, photo posting, etc. It is so cool and it's a very supportive group. Check it out. You can go over and join up by clicking the widget I've got (back up, thank you very much) on my sidebar there.

Another network ning group I'm starting to get to know and enjoy is called Coach Creative Space. My friend, Denise, turned me on to it. So far, I've been doing some down-and-dirty poetry and posting it over there. They give lots of feedback and support--and I don't even consider myself a real poet!

Yesterday, we got a "prompt" to write a 15-word poem. I'd been thinking about all the "good, bad, and the ugly" of life lately and so I went to my dot com site, where I have a page called "Healing Moments" under the "My Story" area. I went back and read over a place where I was talking about life being the light and the dark, and all the gray in between. I decided to pull a 15-word poem out of it.

A Both/And Life

Head down closed
Sinking black pit
Light dark, here now
Life is all of it.

Thanks, Coach Creative Space peeps! You helped motivate me to do something productive and helped me work on seeing the "both/and" of life a little bit better!

You know what else helps me feel better again and again? All you bloggy buddies stopping by with words of encouragement and support. I have finally gotten started in updating my blog and my dot com site and I have a lot of new links on my sidebar. They're marked with a "*New*." Go check 'em out!

Last but certainly not least--actually the most important to me right now--is The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. We have another new host for our next edition! Yay! It's Nancy over at Heal and Forgive. Thanks so much for stepping up to the plate, Nancy! She's got her first call for submissions over at this post of hers, here. Please go check out her blog and consider joining us for the next edition of the carnival. It will run on Friday, February 6, with the deadline for submissions set at Wednesday, February 4. Let's all get our submissions together and send them in!

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Thanks for spreading the word about the Survivor Network, looking forward to next edition of the Carnival!
You're so welcome, Mike. And I hope you join us for the next carnival edition!
How do you comfort your inner child?
Hee Hee, As my most favoritest Talk Show Hostest, Ellen, would say "Holla!" Hee Hee, you gave quite a few shout outs there! :-)

The words in your poem speak loudly. I wonder why it is that fellow survivors can feel and relate to others words of description so naturally...?

Big safe hugs to you my friend. You are in my thoughts and prayers :-)
Well, Kahless, that's a good question. Maybe we should do a "inner child comfort" meme. At the very least, I think I'll start a discussion about it over at the Child Abuse Survivors ning. Have you thought about joining?

Thanks for your comment, Jade. You know, I always get a smile on my face when I hear from you. :)
thanks for the heads up about mikes survivor blog we did visit we might poke our head in from time to time,
thanks for the links to the other blogs youve bene visiting and can you take the recent blog we did on the top ten therapy tips on our blog and send it to the carnival that would be great thanks :)
Great links! Good to see you posting and ((((hugs)))) just because.
JIP: Maybe I'll see you over at the Child Abuse Survivors ning sometime--great! :) And I'll get that post submitted for you for the blog carnival. Thanks!

Thanks, April! And thanks for the hugs...always! :)
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