December 09, 2008


The Tree Is Me

Haven't felt much like writing lately. (Ya think? OMG! I think I'm in danger of becoming a once-a-month blog poster, and I really wanted to do more than that. Ah well, these things go in stages, right?)

I did receive this message that I thought was something I really wanted to pass along. To all abuse survivors who fear they may have been completely broken, or at least twisted beyond recognition:

The Spiritual Divine
does not require
what you call
"perfect symmetry."

Look at the tree
that bends
from the whipping winds.

It is tangled and gnarled,
yet its beauty remains.

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Hey girly, nice to hear from you! I was really bummed out that I didn't get to make my snow angel :-) LOL Yes I'm 28 and want to make a snow angel!

Love the picture and the saying. I think I'm a bit of a gnarled tree myself. Thank God beauty is in the eye of the beholder :-)

How's your Christmas holiday time coming along? With wee ones it can be tough! Hang on sistah the holiday season is almost over! wooo hoo.... Ohh... sorry I shouldn't spread my baaah bumbugery around. ;-)

Hugs to you!
You're sweet. Thanks, Jade. Yeah, I feel like a bit of a Scrooge myself some these days. Especially since I've been sick with a nasty bug lately. But, it's not as bad as some years! ;P
Thanks, Sarah...and welcome!
Gee I never looked at it that way.I just thought of myself as broken beyond repair. Thanks for a new look.
You're welcome, Wanda. And I would never think of you as broken beyond repair. I guess it just goes to show that others see us differently than we see ourselves, huh?

((((((Safe hugs))))))
That tree is indeed beautiful.
I really do believe everyone has an unbreakable light within. It's just a matter of finding it again;-)
And so are you, Kahless! :)

Thanks, Sarah. Well said!
This tree is indeed beautiful.
And so are we...survivor solidarity...hee hee hee! :)
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