June 02, 2008


Yes, It's Another Update!

Hi, everybody! Thanks so much for all your thoughts, prayers, good vibes, healing energy and warm fuzziness about my skin cancer and Mohs surgery. I'm gonna give you a quick update here. I had the surgery last Wednesday. It took two Lorazepams to get my parts through it, but it went very well. They were able to get all the cancer in just one layer of the Mohs procedure! Yeah! I was out of there in under four hours.

Because there is not much skin or fat in the area between the corner of my eye and my nose, they had to do a little skin grafting kind of thing. So, the area involved was bigger than I had anticipated, but it seems to be healing up quite well. At first, I looked like a prize fighter, with a black eye that was almost swollen shut. But, now the swelling has really gone down and I get the stitches out on Wednesday. So, I'd say it's all going very well!

The surgery did not involve the tear duct either, so I really appreciate the prayers in that regard. After I get the stitches out on Wednesday, that should be the end of it. *crosses fingers* Boy, I sure am a lot better about putting on my daily sunscreen after all this. That's for sure. You all remember your sun screen as well, won't you?

Thanks, again, for everything peeps! As usual, you all ROCK! I've been thinking about starting up my daily gratitude journal again. This whole experience and the outpouring of love involved I think will need to go right at the top of the list! ((((((((((safe hugs to all))))))))))) xoxoxxo! :)

I'm just glad the surgery went well, and that you're blogging again.

I don't spend a lot of time in the sun, but I do need to remember to use sunblock even for those short periods of time when I'm out in it.
SO SO glad to read this update. Continued prayers for healing.
Hooray, I'm glad you are up and about and the surgery went well. You don't know me, but I left a very detailed description of some of the abuse that I've been through and buried it somewhere that I can't remember (a past date). Anyway, I've been reading and then following your blog. And, just putting the personal thing up gave me the courage to be even bolder to put it in my side bar below my profile with added details. Thank you again for encouraging me via your site. Now, you have a regular reader too. Take care...rest even if you feel better...milk if for all you got!!! just kidding...maybe.
Dear marj

One thing we have seen on our blogs and yours and others, when we all need some prayers and good thoughts from our blogger friends the come through and the prayers come through.
They all make us happy an dprivileged to know them.

peace and blessings and yippee!!

I am so proud of you for coming through like this. I would have been so terrified. You made it!! I just know you are going to enjoy some great health. I can feel it for you and I'm so happy for you, too. You really deserve to be well and have some confidence in your health. Good job, Marj! Fantastic!!

I have been thinking of you since I read the news. I wanted to comment before, but to be very honest (and I know it doesn't readily make sense) I was too scared to comment at the time. I am a huge wuss when it comes to medical/dental stuff and I just haven't been in a good place. Seeing you handle something like this and be in such good spirits now is encouraging and I'm so very relieved for you that you are okay.
I am so glad you got through the procedure.
Thanks, Beauty. I'm glad that you're glad. ;) Yep, wear that sunscreen, even if it doesn't seem that sunny out.
Enola: thanks for praying for me. I hope I don't have too much of a scar...while I'm being picky about it! ;)

Clueless: So glad to know I have a new reader--thanks! Kudos to you for exercising your courage. I did milk the whole surgery thing for a little while...then I got bored and restless. This time of year, there's just so much to do outside!

Thanks, Keepers! Yeah, I think there is definitely such a thing as the power of prayer...and the power of blogging!

Awww, thanks, Lynn! You're sweet. I'm glad you found this encouraging. I guess I did, too! Maybe I can get to the dentist soon for the toothache I've been dealing with for quite a while. ;)

Thanks, Kahless...and thanks for the sweet hugs!
Would you mind taking a look at what I added on the side bar under my profile entitled, My Truth ~ Repressed Memories. When you are feeling up to it. Oh, I also added you to my "blogroll," so it makes it easier to follow you.
Good, good, good. I'd been thinking about you.

It amazes me how many go out without sunscreen on here in Indy. It's a must.

Keep us posted.
Smiles to you and yours,
I'm sorry to keep bothering you, but if you want to check out my side bar information this is the link for the post that went with it, http://clinicallyclueless.blogspot.com/2008/05/i-got-brave-or-is-it-stupid-or-crazy.html.

Also, have you written in this blog about the sadistic torture that you refer to in the blog description?

I have an email link on my site, if you want to contact me that way.

Sorry to be such a bother.
What a wonderful site, It's my first time here, and already I have learned alot. I have a blog that you may be interested in reading also, but start on page 2 first..So glad your surgery went well..huggss Mary
well done and we are pleased this part of the treatment is over
Mary: Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your comment. I'm so behind on everything blog related. But I'll take a look around your blog some more soon.

JIP: I hope you are doing well. Thanks for your well wishes and support. They mean a lot to me!
OMG! I'm just realizing that I'm so behind on everything blog related that I've not even kept up with my e-mail and posting comments. My sincere apologies everyone. I don't mean to discount anyone's comments, which I do so appreciate!

Austin: Thanks for thinking of me. It means a lot.

Clueless: I don't consider you a bother at all. Unfortunately, you just caught me at a time when I'm very behind on all my blogging requests.

NEWS FLASH EVERYONE! My son is going to be in a day camp this coming week. So...hopefully...I can get caught up on some bloggy things then. *crosses fingers*
I'm so glad to hear it went so well! Here's hoping that by now you're feeling much recovered and it's all healing nicely.
Yes, it is healing nicely. Thanks, April! I'm quite impressed with this guy's work, actually. :)
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