July 05, 2008


The Break and The Breakdown; The Odyssey and The Ordeal

Finally....I am home. No, I didn't take an extra few days off to sip pina coladas and loll at the beach. My car broke down in "THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE," near the Utah/Colorado border and it took me a lot of extra time and money to get home from my vacation. My car is still four hours away, being worked on. It will take another $2,000 and another three to four days to retrieve it. (Taking longer than usual, of course, because of the holiday weekend.)

But, at least I am now home. I have a rental car that I will use to go back up to where my car is and get the old, broken-down vehicle back in my possession. And so, the odyssey continues...(more on all of this later).

Glad your back and big (((((hugs)))) on the car hassles and the extra, unexpected expense!
I'm glad to be home, too, April. Thanks. And thanks for the wonderful cyber hugs!

Why do cars always break down when it's least convenient? Not that it's ever good.

Glad you're back safe.
we are so sorry for the breakdown and the hassle also! can't imagine a worse way to end a vacation except you breaking down and we are glad that was what happened!!

peace and blessings

Welcome back...what a pain to have car troubles. I'm sorry that you returned to that...not fair.
Brian: Yeah, inconvenient AND expensive! Ggggrrrrr! Thanks for the hugs.

Keepers: I sure didn't expect it. My husband even had the car looked over and worked on before I left for my trip. Go figure!

Thanks, Clueless. I'm glad to be back. Now, tomorrow--after I do the eight-hour drive to retrieve the car, the saga should all be over with. ;) *crosses fingers*
You do know Murphy's law says that if your husband hadn't looked at your care before you left, it would not have broken down. LOL. Sorry about the car trouble. Glad you are home safe.
Glad you are home safe.
well done on getting home and good luck at getting your car back
Enola: Ha! Yeah, you're right. It's just like lighting a smoke at a restaurant and then the food comes, and remembering your umbrella and then it doesn't rain!

Kahless: Thanks for the hugs.

JIP: Thanks, I think I'll need it. Hopefully the picking up of the car will go smoothly. I'm supposed to be doing that today, if they have the car fixed. I sure hope so as I had to rearrange some appointments today.
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