September 12, 2008


Disconnected & Dissociated?

Here's a poem I just wrote. I send it out there to all who may feel disconnected and/or lonely. Damn! It sure is hard NOT to feel disconnected when you're dissociative, huh?

In My Own World I’ll Stay

In my own world, I pray
That you can still find me.
It seems more, day by day,
We’re losing sight; the two of us can’t see.

I still feel you near.
But I’ve no crystal ball
To find out where you are
And so I stay…
In my own world, away.

I thought I’d search
The whole, wide-world for you.
But, what good can it do,
If I can’t find you there?

‘Til we rejoin,
Until our way’s made clear,
I’ll just wait here
In my own world, I’ll stay.

We’re out of touch today
And no one is to blame.
If pain and fear still reign,
Then we cannot know what we became.

I love you ever more;
Two worlds will be no more.
Until that joyous day,
Right here, I’ll stay…
In my own world, today.

Copyright 2008, Marj McCabe, all rights reserved.

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Big ((((((hugs)))))) and welcome back!
I so get this.

I'll just wait here.

Marj: Great Poem thanks for sharing//take care Mary
welcome back and thank you for sharing your poem with us!!

sending happy hugs

Looks like you've been gone longer than me.......well, I guess I've been in and out but mostly out.

Glad you're back.
April: Thanks for not giving up on me...and thanks so much for the safe hugs!

Lynn: Yeah, unfortunatley, waiting is not exactly what I thought I menat when I decided about the "thriving." Hmmmm....

You have great poetry too, Mary. Want to submit some for the BLOG CARNIVAL AGAINST CHILD ABUSE? We'd love to have you join us.

Keepers: Aaawwww! You're sweet. Thanks!

RR: Welcome back to you, too, I guess. I'll have to mosey on over and see what your hiatus was about.
Glad to see you've rejoined the blogging community.

Welcome back!
Thanks, Beauty. It's good to be back.
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