June 15, 2006


Blog Carnival: A Wild Ride!

Today is Deadline Day for submitting to our blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. The submissions are still streaming in. You have until 11pm EST tonight to get your submission in at www.blogcarnival.com if you still want to be part of the first edition of this carnival. We will be having a second edition (date to be announced--probably some time in July). If your current submission reaches Blog Carnival after the deadline, it will automatically be saved by them (to be forwarded later to me) for the next edition.

I want to make one thing perfectly clear: I am including everyone who submits an appropriate post link. What I mean by appropriate is any blog article, written by you, (or approved by the blog author if nominated by you) that fits the child abuse category. To my mind that means anything that fits into any of the six categories of Survivor Stories, Poetry, In the News, Healing & Therapy, Aftermath, or Advocacy & Awareness about the rape, abuse, molestation, beating, or any other kind of verbal, emotional or spiritual abuse of children under the age of 18. We have gotten a LOT of submissions in the areas of Healing & Therapy and Advocacy and Awareness. We've gotten a fair number in Aftermath and Poetry; not so much on In the News or Survivor Stories. I decided to use an abuse account for my own submission (See below--be careful! Trigger Warning!) so we'll have another survivor story included.

We've got more submissions than I ever dreamed we'd get on the first try! We will probably see at least 20 to 25 post links for the first edition. But, I want to include at least one post from everybody; this is not about politics or any kind of contest. This is about sharing and supporting one another while we raise awareness on this important issue.

However, I feel strongly (from my corporate communications background) that we can't put up too many links in one edition because people have a tendency not to wade through a ton of information to read it all. Therefore, I am definitely organizing a second carnival edition. If you submitted more than once this time, you will see that only one of your submissions will post for the first edition, while the rest will be saved for later editions. I will choose which one of the multiple submissions I'll use this time based on my desire to see a nice variety of posts representing each of the six categories. If you submitted only one post, but were hoping to include more of your wonderful writing, go ahead and send in another post for the subsequent edition(s).

Speaking of subsequent editions, I think I'll take on edition number two, but how 'bout a third..fourth..fifth edition of the Carnival Against Child Abuse? Would anyone else be willing to host future editions of our carnival? If so, we could be like the first, "traditional" (yeah, how can anything this new and cutting-edge be traditional, right?) blog carnivals and be a true traveling carnival of blog links. Be thinking about it over the weekend and make sure to check in here on Monday to view our first carnival edition in its entirety.

I will be getting up links on my sidebar here to anyone who is participating in this carnival. That way, visitors can start getting to know your blog before Monday. I will also get around to everyone who submitted and e-mail you with a confirmation of receipt. Whoo Hoo! I'm excited and just feel so honored to be part of such an aware and caring group of bloggers. Thanks to all!

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Thanks Marj....

My photo exploration has come to a halt - just too triggering - however, I plan to take it up in the near future again - still more places to visit.

Good luck with the carnival....
Whitedove: I'm thinking of you and wishing you much healing on this part of your journey. And thanks for the luck--I still have a lot of organizing to do! It will be great, I just know it! Thanks to all of you.

I submitted one more post to you blogcarnival. I don't know if you can use it. Plus I put in under advocacy and awareness, but it may be more appropriate under in the news.

Best of luck with the carnival! I am looking forward to seeing it on June 19. I will read your personal story soon!

Marj, I will try to participate in the next round. I'm not ready this time. Thanks.
WW: Thanks! I could use another "In The News" post. I'll take a look at it once my e-mail is back up. (Don't you all just love the internet? If it's not Blogger clogging, it's something else!)

Carolina Introvert: Thanks for letting me know. I understand. Would love to have you join us for the next edition if you're ready then. Take care!

I would be willing to host future editions of the carnival. Keep me posted.

WW: That would be great! Maybe we should do a monthly, traveling carnival like many do. You could be in charge of the third carnival in August, maybe. We'll talk more after I get this one up. Thanks!
just wonder if you got the link I sent you and if it worked. I hope people will become more aware about this and begin taking a stand. You are doing a great job!
Wanda, thanks for your kind words. We're all set with your permalink, no worries.
Hi Marj,

Just curious. Is the carnival going live today?


I started editing the draft of the first edition of our carnival and the power went out at my house. Then, I got 13 of the posts edited out of the 26 that will go up, and Blogger went down. That's half of our posts...13...hmmm...good thing I'm not superstitious! It is my TOP PRIORITY TODAY AND IT WILL GET UP!
omg, omg!
I can't believe I didn't hear about this, which just goes to show how much I isolate myself I guess! I just found it through googling for "trigger warnings abuse recovery," which I was doing to see if something I had written would show up. And look what i found!!

I would love to host this too. I have a blog over on livejournal where I post short articles about abuse, addiction, and recovery, and also pretty much whatever else I want to say. I could host it there (http://precisegirl.livejournal.com) or at the roomier website where I mirror the articles. (http://recovery.fabglitter.org)

I also take part in a blog set up by people in my (multiple) system to keep track of a yearlong quest to let go of fear, guilt, shame, and controlling assholes - maybe we could host it there, too! (http://beingfearless.livejournal.com) Or both places! This is just the coolest thing ever! Thank you for doing it!
Catherine: Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you found the carnival, no matter how that happened. Would you like to submit for the second edition--July? I'll be around to visit your blog.
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