June 05, 2006


Carnival Against Child Abuse

I've decided to go for it! I think I've got enough interest between bloggers I've spoken with via e-mail, comments here, etc. to organize my own blog carnival. It will be the "Carnival Against Child Abuse."

Update: I've got the carnival booked! The Carnival Against Child Abuse will post on Monday, June 19, 2006. It will be a carnival to raise awareness on all types of child abuse--physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, spiritual. Nominate one of your own child abuse awareness posts or one of another blogger whose work you like.

Since many of us are new to the world of blog carnivals, here's exactly how you submit to our Carnival Against Child Abuse, in four easy steps:
  1. Decide if you want to participate (or one of your aware blogger friends should) in a blog carnival to raise awareness about child abuse. There will be between 15 to 20 blog posts chosen for the carnival. (If I get an overwhelming response, we'll just have a second edition, no problem.)
  2. Choose a post you already have from your blog, or write a new one and post it to your blog as usual. It should be able to go under one of the following six categories: Survivor Stories, Poetry, In The News, Healing & Therapy, Aftermath, or Advocacy & Awareness.
  3. Go to the Blog Carnival website and use the submission form to nominate yourself or someone whose blog you admire. Select "carnival against child abuse" from the drop-down menu. Fill in all required fields. Make sure to use the permalink to your blog post (e.g., http://survivorscanthrive.blogspot.com/2006/05/take-stand-raise-your-hand.html). Select one of the six child abuse awareness categories (as mentioned above) from the drop-down menu. Leave any words of wisdom, remarks or advocacy statements you'd like to have considered for publication on the day of our carnival.
  4. Visit my blog here (or link to me from the Blog Carnival site) on June 19 to see the chosen blogger posts and remarks, then link to the posts and comment on them so we all support each other.

It's easy and it's cool! This is the first Blog Carnival I've seen for any kind of child abuse, child sexual abuse, etc. So, we're pioneers in this type of awareness! Be the first to be a part of a child abuse awareness blog carnival and submit your blog today. Don't forget, the deadline is June 15 for the Monday, June 19 carnival.

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What ages do you consider for child abuse? I was raped at sixteen, I actually wrote about how I felt right afterwards, and how my family dealt. Does this count? I was emotioanlly and sexually abused at a very young age, but I have not written anything about that time as of yet. 16 years old I consider a child, but some may not.
Mysti: If you think of yourself as a child at that time, then use that time period. I support and validate that. Let me give you an example of a similar question of age and how I think it's all a matter of perception. This might trigger people, be careful. ***

*** Before I had my memories of CSA, and after my parent's divorce, my mother used to complain about the "affairs" my father had with his students. At the time, I also thought of them as "affairs" with "women." I was only nine or ten at the time and this was my perspective. After I got my memories and started doing some research, however, I came to the conclusion that my father had probably molested hundreds of girls (including me and my sister, starting at a very young age). This man is a true pedophile and these were acts of child sexual abuse/molestation. So, you might be wondering, how old were my father's students? They were teenagers--he was a high school teacher.
Okay thanks for the answer.
I think the age of "Child Abuse" is eighteen-years-old and under. As a mother of four, I still look at my eighteen-year-old daughter as a Child. She is just graduating high school and of course, still living at home. Or maybe I am just talking like a typical mom who always sees her children as their babies:-)
Okay I filled out the submission form. Hopefully I did it right!
Hey, I've had some submissions floating in already. (If you sent one in you should get a personal e-mail from me thanking you.) They look great! We are going to do a great job of raising awareness together. Whoo Hooooo!
Thank you for stopping by my blog: PTSDToday. Yes, I would be willing to join your carnival...I'm just not to sure what it is and how it works. You can email me at:


Just so you know, I am more focused on the scholarly research available on PTSD, dissociation, CSA, and other traumas. I tend not to focus on the personal stories, although that is important as well.

Let me know.


Peace Marj.

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I have submitted my posts on Sexual Abuse, as you suggested. Thank you very much for calling this to my attention.

Now I'm going to peruse your blog. :o)
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