June 05, 2006


More Instructions for Submitting to the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

We've got lots of submissions coming in--fantastic articles and posts raising awareness about child abuse for our Carnival Against Child Abuse on June 19, 2006. Check the previous post immediately below or go to www.blogcarnival.com for all the submission information, deadlines, etc. on our upcoming carnival.

Hurry! The deadline to submit is Thursday night, June 15th!

Update, 6/9/06: There's been some confusion about submitting posts (some of us are pretty new to this blog carnival phenomenon). Let me clarify a few things. First, if you are completely unfamiliar with blog carnivals or find the Blog Carnival website confusing, make sure you see my post with the "4 easy steps for submission" immediately below this post. You can use the link I've provided to go straight to the submission form, if you're ready to jump in and use it.

I've also provided an example of a permalink below; you will need to provide a permalink to the blog post you are submitting. This not only saves me time trying to find the post you intended, but it eliminates confusion and the possibility that I may make a mistake and link the wrong post. Also keep in mind that, by June 19 when the Carnival Against Child Abuse debuts, you may have many more posts up on your blog. The permalink allows visitors to go directly to the child abuse awareness post you intended for the carnival. Please note that, while your post submission will become linked as part of our carnival, it will forever remain pinned up on your blog. It is always yours to do with as you see fit and you retain all rights to it.

If you want to skip my steps below and go right to the Blog Carnival site at
www.blogcarnival.com, here are a few points to clarify how that works. First, notice that our carnival is not yet listed on the BC home page; these are carnivals that have already posted. Our carnival won't show up there until the debut date of June 19. To find our (upcoming) carnival, go to the search box at the upper left of the home page. You can search for our carnival by: browsing all carnivals in alpha order, typing in its full name--"Carnival Against Child Abuse", or simply the keywords, "child abuse." (We're the only carnival on child abuse--yeah, we're pioneers!)

Once you click on our carnival name, you get our customized web page with the carnival description, post categories and submission deadline info. You can even click on "Feature This Carnival On Your Blog!" At the upper right of this page is an orange box, "Submit Your Blog Article To This Carnival." If you're ready, go to the submission form by clicking that box. Step-by-step submission instructions are there. Note the field for the permalink. There's even a "what's this?" instruction that describes permalinks and gives an example of one.

Keep those carnival submissions coming in! I appreciate you all!

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ok not sure if ive done it right but submitted one
jumpinginpuddles: The poem you submitted is...I don't even have the words. But, it makes me cry. Thank you! It's wonderful.
I don't seem to get how to do this. I was going to submit my poem Wall of Stone. But I must be doing something wrong.

It's back on my blog. I am really a newbee. Can you help?
Wanda's Wings: Thank you so much for your interest in participating! I've left you a comment at your blog, too. But, don't worry, the post is supposed to stay up on your blog. Just make sure you provide the permalink when you submit it to Blog Carnival.com. E-mail me if you want more specific instructions! Whooo Hoooo! This is getting so exciting!
Jumpinginpuddles & Wanda's Wings: I got your submissions! Thanks so much!

If you've also submitted to the blog Carnival Against Child Abuse, please be patient. I will get around and confirm receipt of each via e-mail.

We're going to have an AMAZING awareness-raising carnival...thanks to all of you!
Blogger has been clogged again lately in the commenting area. Thank you, industrious visitors who've gone to my dot com site and left me comments in my guestbook! (And those who already have my e-mail address and sent e-mails.) So, I want to leave my e-mail here for anyone wanting to get in touch with me about the blog carnival against child abuse. It's thriver@survivorscanthrive.com. If Blogger gets any worse, I may put the e-mail address in a post as well...I just hesitate to do it because I'm getting some spam lately. Sorry to anyone who's tried to comment here. Thanks for your patience!
I am looking forward to this carnival. I think it is an important one, and I'll contribute whenever I can.

Thanks Dr. Deb! Yes, I received your first submission. I'm getting quite a few, so I guess I'll be doing the multiple "edition" blog carnival (just have to come up with a date for the next one). I'm looking forward to it, too!
Marj, you visited my blog today.
I know ALOT about this subject but I do not understand your carnival thing I am still pretty new to blogging only been since April.
Hi Marj,
I would like to post my personal story so keep looking for it in your email ok
Take care
34 Quinn: thanks for visiting and thanks for going to my dot com site and signing my guestbook. I'll e-mail you.

Holly: Nice to "see" you! Thanks for your interest.
Hi Marj,

Thanks for leaving the info about this carnival on my blog. You are right - I was not abused as a child by a custodial figure, but I was raped days after my thirteenth birthday by two guys who were 17 yrs. old.

The older I get the younger 13 sounds. I really was a child and rape is abuse. So if I am still eligible, I would love to participate.

When you have some time let me know your thoughts.
Conflicted Redhead: Thanks for your interest. I've e-mailed you, but I want everyone to know that I consider a 13-year-old a child. You can't even vote yet! Looking forward to your submission. Thanks again!
Marj, thanks a lot for all the work you are doing for this carnival. I've submitted to other carnivals before and have seen how much work goes into one.
Thanks, Al! I really appreciate that kind comment. It has been a bit more work than I anticipated, but I definitely think it's worth it! I am so proud of all of you submitters! Keep 'em coming, the deadline is tomorrow--Thurs 6/15. Thanks to all!
Moof: Thanks for leaving a comment about submitting your entry for the carnival and your perusal of my blog. Sorry, Blogger sent your comment to the blog-o-sphere somewhere and I can't get it to publish. But, I appreciate your support and involvement!
Hi marg,

Thanks for posting on my blog. I jumped in and have submitted the post you suggested. Feeling a little unsure about this but I trust JIP and she has gone for it so I will too

Thanks for taking a chance on the carnival, Sonnie! I got your submission and it looks great!

I'm getting a LOT of submissions here on deadline day. I promise I'll get around to everyone and confirm your submission with an e-mail. Thanks for this overwhelming positive response, everyone!
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