May 23, 2006


Survivor Art, Poetry

I'm adding this post and editing the one below because I realize that my poem, Raise Your Hand could be quite triggering for some of my readers. Many of them have a lot to deal with right now and probably don't want to be triggered just because I had to get my anger out.

But, I don't want anyone to miss these advocacy and awareness art projects. As I said in the post below, my hand (and my poem) will go into Jodi's project, called The Show of Hands. Jodi is also participating in the month-long Healing Through Creativity festival in Hurricane, West Virginia this July. Supporters and survivors of physical and psychological trauma are encouraged to enter art, music, writing and poetry for this event. Original artwork is being shipped to WV now--May 15 through June 15, 2006.

About ten years ago, I had my first experience with another art project that's meant to raise this type of awareness: The Clothesline Project. It's been around since 1990 and raises much-needed awareness on all issues of violence against women.

I really want you to check out the Child Abuse Survivor Monument; it's extremely massive and impressive. It's currently a Canadian-only project for survivors of any kind of child abuse. I have heard some rumblings that it may be coming to other countries sometime in the future. For Canadians, there is still time this summer and fall to include your survivor hand outline and written message. Check out this creative colossus and consider making a donation. The project is in need of financial assistance and its site makes contributing easy.

For other advocacy website links, go to my dot com site, Click on the page called Advocacy/Prevention, under Resources. The links on my blog sidebar here are really just for blogs.

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This is a wonderful blog. "Creative Therapy" is one thing I always do in order to focus on the positive.

I also love the poem. Great job.
Thanks for visiting, Beachwriter. I'm glad you like the blog and the poem. I like what you said about focusing on the positive. (Difficult for me, but something I strive for.) Here's a quote that affirmed my name, Survivors Can Thrive: "It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts." ~ Robert H. Schuller
I added your blog to my blog under "links." I am looking forward to reading more from you!
Thanks, Beachwriter! Look, you've got a link here too. Yay!
Thanks! We need to support eachother when it comes to abuse that goes on in our world. We need to make a difference and you are doing a great job.
Hi Marj,
Just passing it on...
Hi Marj,

FYI, I'm over here...
Hey, Psychbaby! Thanks for letting me know what's going on with you. I'v updated your link on my sidebar. Blessings & Best Wishes To You!
whoops - didn't mean to post twice.
how can i become your friend?
Well, I welcome all survivor bloggers, Chatne. But, you could start by not being anonymous, so that I know where YOUR blog is. Take care.
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