June 01, 2006


Carnival Against Sexual Violence

I feel like such a cyber virgin sometimes. My blogger friend, Marcella, has just introduced me to the world of blog carnivals. Check out the Blog Carnival website at www.blogcarnival.com. I had never heard of these before two weeks ago. It's where a bunch of links go up to posts that have the same flavor, cause, etc.

Marcella, who runs the
Abyss2Hope blog, has organized the Carnival Against Sexual Violence, which just went up today. My poem post, Take a Stand, Raise Your Hand, is part of this carnival. I'm honored that Marcella wanted me to be a part of this awareness-raising cyber event.

Go to the Abyss2Hope blog to view all the carnival blogs against sexual violence. There are links to some very courageous and informational carnival posts there. They all relate to sexual violence and include personal stories, creative expression, posts about recovery and more. I also urge you to go to Blog Carnival and look around at the various carnivals to browse: here.

I really feel like I'm part of a vital and vibrant community! Don't you?

Hey, what would you think of being part of a blog carnival? I'm thinking of organizing my own this summer. I would want to do an awareness-raising "cause carnival" as well. Maybe a "Carnival to Stop Child Abuse," or "Carnival to Break the Cycle," or "Carnival to End Abuse," or "Carnival to Stop the Silence" would be useful. I'm leaning toward child advocacy in particular. What do you all think?

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Anything to continue raising awareness about child abuse and what can be done about it would be welcome. A Carnival networking blogs which focus on child abuse would be helpful. Go for it! And count me and my blog in.
Thanks, Al! Cool! Will do.
Wonderful idea Marj!
That's a great idea, like Al said, anything to raise awareness- and what do we have to lose! Just found your blog by searching for Searching for Angela Shelton! It's great, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I come across a blog like yours!
Thanks for your feedback and support! And thanks for visiting, Jess.
What a wonderful idea! Personally speaking this is the first time i have ever heard of blogcarnival. Guess I have lots of catching up to do in checking these out. I hope you had a great weekend.
I'm such a newbee.... I didn't know there was a link for similar interest. I just keep hopping around.
thanks for sharing this
oh, boy *gulp*... I would do it.
Thanks for visiting you three!

Wanda and Mysti: I'm new to all this, too. But, isn't it COOL?!

Dreaming Again: I know it sounds scary...but let's do it! Thanks for your brave willingness. I'll keep you posted.
It is very cool! I have been thinking I would be willing to do it also. ( I would like the option of changing my mind if it becomes to emotional for me though.)
Oh btw would you mind if I add you to my friends link list?
Mysti: Thanks for being willing to join the carnival! I would absolutely respect your right to change your mind and stay safe. I'm researching the set-up at Blog Carnival now. Even though the submissions go through their website, I'm sure I have control over the actual postings, so that should be no problem.

I would be honored if you would link me. I'm gonna put up a link to you on my sidebar today. Actually, I'm gonna link everyone who's interested in the blog carnival (who's not already up there) so visitors can start linking to your blogs right away. Everybody have a great week!
Hi followed your link from wandas wings... I was touched by your cousins story and her daughters writings,how sad and know that my prayers will, be with your family. Best of luck on your new project. I put you on my fav list:) so I will visit regularly.

What a great idea. I'd love to take part in a blog Carnival on surviving abuse.
Great April, I'll keep you posted. Thanks for visiting, Wolfbaby!
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