September 10, 2010


It's Whiny Weeny Time

I hate to be a whiny weeny, but things are just so hard sometimes, ya know? I'm having some really rough body memories and reactions to the therapy I'm doing right now. I'm just so exhausted from it all and now my body is reacting to it, too. I won't go into the gory details, but I'm having some gastrointestinal ickyness and now I've got a bad cold.

I'm still reeling from the fact that my son got suspended from school the other day. He has to be suspended for a minimum of five days, which means I'm basically home schooling him at the moment. We go for a hearing next week. It's a long, crazy story.

Do you ever want to ask, "Why me, Universe, really? Could you pick on somebody else for a while?"

I'll put up a post about our next blog carnival. It will be next week, folks, so look at the widget on my sidebar and get those posts in, please. Other than keeping up with that, I'm going to be a bit under the radar some more for a while. Thanks for your patience, understanding, and continuing those very thoughtful and supportive comments, all. I do appreciate you greatly.

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Big warm hug. I know how bad body reactions can be. I managed to face the core of my wound and suffered through sinusitis, headache, tummy ache as well as majoy pain in my knees. We got me through withougt painkillers to let me experience when I face it as body reaction, as psychosomatic I wont suffer again. First time ever I dealt mentally with it and I am good. truly feeling good, balanced and not so exhausetd anymore.
Bodyreaction as you know show how very close we are at a very important point/ issue. As such I see them positive again.
I am truly sorry about the trouble with your son. You plate is pretty full currently.
Hope you feel better soon.
BTW, it is an American saying which I kept in my mind during trauma therapy: "to hell with circumstances, I create opportunities"
Love to you xxx
Dear Marj, so very sorry for the body memories and what they are bringing to you. Here listening dear one. ((((safe hugs))))
Paula: I'm so glad you're doing better with the boy memories now. I like the saying. Thanks for the love and hugs and same to you!

JBR: Thanks for listening and for those hugs. Backatcha!
"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle, but sometimes I wish He didn't trust me so much."
This quote from Mother Teresa has always been something I related to and it reminded me of what you seem to be going through. Hang in there! Body memories are so hard, I hope you find relief soon. Sending you my love. <3
Passing by to share some love.
hi marj :) i don't see you as whiny at all. i think there is nothing wrong with venting. i see it as a healthy release and that self-expression as just one more form of self-care.

i'm sorry you're going through rough things right now. that your son is struggling and that your body is struggling too.

perhaps your body is manifesting the emotional struggles you're going through.

i hope you feel better soon~~~

safe hugs (((marj)))
Sorry to hear that you're having a rought time girly. I hope you're taking time to do some self soothing and self-comforting during this tough time.

Also sorry to hear that your "man child" was suspended. I hope that he's able to get past what set him back and that his hearing goes decently.

I am sending you the warmest hugs and energy your way my friend. Be kind to yourself and know that you ahve people sending you positivity and best wishes for the coming days.
Nice to "see" you again, Faith. Thanks for stopping by again with your thoughtful comment.

Paula: You are so sweet to come back and check on me again. Hanging in there. Thanks for being you! *hugs*

Katie: I never thought about expression as a form of self-care. Hey, I like that idea! Thanks!

Jade: Working on all those things you mentioned--thanks for the reminder. And thanks for being such a warm-hearted and caring friend! *hugs*
How are you doing?
Marj, thank you for the reminder. You are having a rough time yet to have taking time to post! You are incredible! I have submitted two posts! Thinking of you. Hugs across the pond
Paula: Thanks for stopping by to check in on me AGAIN! You are so sweet! And thanks for submitting to the carnival. Excellent! :)
wow, friend. i have missed so much, and i find it crazy to read about what you have been going through.

i can't believe how many carnivals i have missed and should really take the time to read. my healing has been on hold and has been thrown sucks.

and i too have teen boy stuff to deal with, those moments where you feel your parenting is not at it's best....yikes, so sorry. i hope that things go better for you and resolve with your son.

body memories...where to even start.

see i have missed so much. i already feel healing coming just reading and realizing that i am not crazy, i am not alone.

thanks for writing, and for being there with me.

i have been gone a long time. too long.
Well, Mile, I had been wondering what you'd been up to and what was going on with you, so that you so much for stopping by. I'll be out of town this week, but when I return I'll swing by and see if you have an update at your blog. *hugs*
I, too am a survivor of sexual abuse as a child and now healing from all the shame and bad decisions I've made in my life. I am, like you, healing through writing and sharing. I hope you will read, comment and share with me.
Love, ASurvivor (Kay)
I too, am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. And like you, I am healing through writing, reading and sharing... I invite you to read, comment and offer support for my story. Love, Kay
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