July 23, 2010


Free To Blog

The July issue of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse is up! Dr. Kathleen Young did a great job of hosting this carnival. It looks large, but also of great quality, with lots of themed posts discussing freedom, independence and interdependence this month. Go take a look and leave supportive comments on the blogs of these brave bloggers, won't you? Thanks!

Thank you for the link Marj. ((((Marji))))
thanks for the heads up on this Marj...we just got back from holidays but tomorrow I'll check it out...Hope you have a great weekend.
As always..very inspirationa, educational, and motivating.

Thank you to all of those that have contributed.
GW & Sarah: Thanks for stopping by and for reading!
Thanks, Jade, for your interest and support. :)
Thanks for stopping by and your congratulations. I truly appreciate your words and no for sure I wont stop blogging. it is therapy for me too! Beisdes after my move to Tampa, the integration, being hoursewife first, the second step on immigration and not having enyone I know there, except my husband to be, all of that are triggers and a challenge. I will need my blog! I am nercous, yet excited.
Will check it out! Great resource for survivors. Thank you ♥
Paula: Oh, I'm so glad to hear that you will continue blogging. I'm sure moving to a new country will be nerve-wracking, yet exciting. I will be sending all the positive vibes I can for this new journey of yours. And congratulations,again!

Little Seed: You're welcome and thank YOU for stopping by and reading.
Passing through dear one to give you a (((((Marji)))))
Thanks for the link. I will check it out.
JBR: Oh, thank you! I really need some hugs after the last few harrowing days. Same to you ((((((JBR))))))
OneSurvivor: Thanks for checking out the blog carnival. I always appreciate our readers.
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