July 19, 2010


Hey, There!

My husband and I had a wonderful, peaceful, rejuvenating time camping. It was a really special adventure in the gorgeous Colorado wilderness. I'm going to write a cool post about that and (hopefully) post some awesome photos that the hubby took.

But, today was a therapy day and I'm wiped. So, for now I'll just tell you that we have the July Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse coming up at Dr. Kathleen Young's blog. She's chosen an Independence theme for July's carnival.

About this edition she said, "My first thought was how fitting, given that today we celebrate Independence Day in the U.S. I then started thinking about the meaning of independence for survivors and our culture as a whole. For me, this naturally leads to thoughts about dependence, unmet dependency needs and interdependence. I plan to write more about all of that for my Carnival post later this month!

Please submit anything related to independence, dependence or interdependence and child abuse. As always, you do not have to limit yourself to this month’s theme. All submissions are welcome."

Don't forget our regular submission categories of Advocacy & Awareness, Aftermath, Art Therapy, Healing & Therapy, In The News, Poetry, and Survivor Stories. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, July 21 and the edition will post on Friday (7/23).

I'm going to tie in my nature/camping post with my independence post and I'll see y'all then.

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:-) so glad to hear that you had a great trip. I was really bummed out that the economy put the kybosh my training in CO. I've been there once for a wedding but I would love to go exploring. Looking forward to hearing all about the trip.

Hugs to ya girly
Jade: I'm really sorry you couldn't make it out here, too. I forget, sometimes, just how beautiful it is here...until I get out into the gorgeous nature. I'll post soon! ((((((Jade)))))))
Heh, I was invited for a trip out there but had to decline. I'm glad you had a lovely trip! I can't wait to see the photos, I have heard Colorado is gorgeous! Thanks for the reminder on the carnival! I figured I had missed it. Take care! *hugs* <3
hi marj! i'm glad you had such a wonderful time on your trip~ you deserve it~

and thanks for the reminder about the carnival. i finally remembered on time and have sent in a submission.

thank you for all you do and i hope all is going well with you :)

safe hugs!
IK & Katie: Thank you so much for getting on the ball for this month's carnival. I still have to get my post up myself and get it in. And thanks for being glad I had a good trip. :)
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Thanks for stopping by, Marj, I appreciate it.

Currently I'm not sure what OK is, I'm swamped trying to be my own lawyer in a law suit so not time for much else. Feeling very heavy and tired.
I just wanted to leave a message for you to let you know that I still come here each day and read different post. It is a place that I come to to find peace. I had counseling on yesterday and it was very difficult. Processing through the memories is so hard especially trying to do it without allowing the pain to overwhelm me. I find myself wanted to seperate from the memory so that I do not have to deal with the pain. I really do mean it, your post was so helpful to me. I have another question for you and you might already have a post about this but maybe someone else might have suggestions as well. What are some things that you have used and still use when you go to counseling and it is really tough to get yourself through. I kind of call it the aftermath of therapy. I have a difficult time when therapy is over trying to make it till my next session. I feel open and vulnerable with my emotions when I have had a tough session. I just need some other suggesions that you have used to get through till you have your next session. Thank you again and take gentle care of yourself.
Michale: Huh. This seems odd. I'm not sure what to think about this. Maybe I'm having a dissociative moment and don't get the connection. Maybe I'm just tired from finally figuring out how to post photos correctly on my blog (Yay! :P). I'll think about this more after rest.

RR: Thank YOU for stopping back by here. I can only imagine how heavy and tired I would feel if I were going through what you are now. Remember to take time for yourself, okay?

Anon: Thanks for checking back. I truly am grateful and glad that you are finding my blog helpful. You have a good question there. Let me think on it a bit. You take gentle care, too.
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