September 13, 2010


Inner Child: My Favorite Survivor Topic

Update, Friday, September 17th: Dan has the Inner Child Edition of our blog carnival up at his blog, Thoughts Along The Road To Healing. It's a large edition, with about 30 entries. And Dan has done a wonderful job organizing it. Thanks, Dan! We have several articles on the topic of the Inner Child: Honoring our Inner Child, Grieving, and Comforting our Inner Child, to name a few. So, why not take a spin at the carnival this month and comfort your inner child? Please take some time to read the entries and leave supportive comments at the blogs of these brave and awareness-raising bloggers. Thanks for your support of our carnival!

This month, Dan L Hays will host The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. And he's chosen my favorite survivor topic as the theme for this month's edition: The Inner Child. I've always loved writing about my inner child here at my blog and I already have a few posts on the topic that I can send along for this edition.

About his theme, Dan said, "As I have moved along my journey to healing, the concept of the inner child has been extremely important. As I have shared about it, others have echoed that sentiment! We will honor our inner child, and share how they have been a part of our path to healing!

Please submit anything related to inner child and child abuse. As always, you do not have to limit yourself to this month’s theme. All submissions are welcome."

Our other, regular, submission categories are: Aftermath, Advocacy & Awareness, Art Therapy, Healing & Therapy, In The News, Poetry and Survivor Stories. The deadline for this month's edition is midnight (Pacific time, U.S.) Wednesday, September 15. Dan will post the edition on Friday, September 17. So, get those submissions on your inner child and other topics in, folks! Thanks, as always, for your continued support of and participation in our carnival. You can use the handy widget you see there on my sidebar, or this submission form here.

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Thanks Dan and Marj. I look forward to contributing this month.
Oh, I'm so glad you're going to join us this month. Thanks, Paul!
Marj, I have already sent Dan about 5 posts to pick from for the Inner Child topic so I will wait until next month to submit the article that you just commented on.

Thanks Marj and Dan for this month's blog carnival topic. I have been doing inner child work for the past few months so I had a lot to choose from.
Awesome, Patricia! Thank you so much! :)
Hey Marj...I missed the deadline to submit but will try to get over to read some of the posts. You're the best at reminding me of these. Stay strong...and safe....
Sarah: I am feeling a bit stronger now, thanks. And thanks for your support of the carnival. We need readers as much as we need writers. I hope you can join us next month!
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