May 17, 2010


Blog Carnival: Hope & Joy Edition


Tracie must have stayed up late, because she's already got our Hope & Joy Carnival up. Amazing! I'm glad we extended the deadline, because we got some more folks to join us at the last minute. It is now officially huge! There are over 30 posts in there. Wowie Kazowie! We've got a nice selection of posts under the Hope & Joy theme and some neat stuff to look at in our new Art Therapy category.

I can't thank you all enough for your continued support, contribution, promotion and enthusiasm of and for this awareness-raising carnival. I just love our survivor solidarity and community! :)

Well, Blog Carnival dot com is back up and running now. I checked myself with my own submission and see that the form is now working as well. I just heard back from this month's host, and we've agreed to extend the deadline until midnight TONIGHT. Thank you all for you patience and perseverance. And thank you, Tracie, for being such a committed, patient and hard-working host--and for the first time hosting, too. Wow! :)

Update: Wednesday, May 19, 2010:
I do not know the cause, but apparently the website at Blog Carnival dot com is down. I can't get the widget on my sidebar to load, the submission form doesn't work, and I cannot get to the BC dot com home page. This has happened once before and they got everything up and running again fairly quickly. This time, it seems to be taking a bit longer. I don't know what the problem is or when it will be fixed. I'm sorry for the confusion and inconvenience. I will be in touch as information becomes available. Thank you for your patience.

On Friday, (That's this Friday, May 21) Tracie will be hosting our Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. She's just coming off of a weekend blog-a-thon, so I know she's tired. But, I think she's pumped, too! She's pumped with advocacy, awareness, doing good and changing the world. What perfect timing. I just know she'll be a great host.

She's chosen Hope & Joy for the theme for this month's edition. I told her that I thought this was timely, because I've really been experiencing some moments of pure, lighthearted joy this spring. If you're a survivor who's been through phases where those moments are quite few and far between like I have (and what survivor hasn't, really?), you know how much I appreciate these precious little moments.

What precious moments bring you joy and hope for a better tomorrow? In her announcement post for this carnival, Tracie said, "What is your hope, what do you hold onto when the healing path gets dark and it is hard to hang on much longer? What is your joy, what makes you smile and dance and laugh, even in the midst of pain? I fully believe that as survivors it is important to share our stories and our pains and our troubles. In this sharing we find a community, we find help and understanding, which is an important part of healing. We also need to share our hopes and joys, we need to give them freely to other survivors who may have lost sight of theirs."

The deadline is Wednesday, 5/19, midnight Pacific time (U.S.) for the Friday edition. In addition to the "Hope and Joy" theme, we still have our regular submission categories of Advocacy & Awareness, Aftermath, Art Therapy, Healing & Therapy, In The News, Poetry, and Survivor Stories. You can use this submission form here. Thanks, in advance for joining us and spreading the hope and joy! :)

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Thanks for sharing this :-) At this moment of writing, the blog carnival submission link you've provided is not working. I assume the site must be down temporarily. I'll check back later.

I just started my own blog and am slowly reaching out to other related blogs in hopes of finding a sense of community :-) I've put your link on my blogroll and at this time, you're the only star on there LOL ...

Thanks for the great resources you provide here ...

this is a beautiful topic. and so timely as i am suffering such a physical pain in healing, i need this bring me to better thinking.

i will put thought into it.

always a joy to blog with you.

mile 191
Nai'a: Welcome! Thank you for you kind words and interest in the blog carnival. Apparently, Blog Carnival dot com is down. This happened once before, and they got it back up and working again pretty quick. I hope this will go quickly, as well.

Mile: You have such a great attitude! I hope you are in much less pain soon and I hope you can join us for the carnival. *hugs*
Marj, great minds think alike! I posted today about the progress I made over the last few months and the incredible feeling of fallen in love with myself.
Paula: How wonderful! I'm so happy for you. :)
thanks for the heads up. I'm always running late but this time....I won't be...Hope you're doing great.
:-) thanks for your drop in on my blog darlin. What fruit are you on now? :-D
When you have a chance could you stop in at my bold blend blog and share some wisdom with me. I've hit a wall with something and I'm calling for reinforcements..

Hope this finds you having a peaceful day.
Fantastic that so many people were able to respond for this carnival (ahem, unlike my scattered self). I enjoyed perusing the posts and articles, there is some great stuff in there. Always looking forward to more. Adventures in Anxiety Land
Sarah: I'm so glad you joined us this month. I'm still reading all the entries--there are over 30 in there! :) Hope you're great, too!

Jade: Ha! Actually, I'm working on a native wildflower. No fruits or veggies for a while. I'll come over and see you. *hugs*

Blue Morpho: Thank you so much for supporting the carnival and reading the entries. I'm glad you're finding some things useful. I hope you can join us sometime. Maybe in June? ;)
Thank you for your wisdom my friend..
Jade: You're quite welcome. I hope some of it turns out to be helpful.
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