May 02, 2010


Following Those Dreams!

Colored Pencil I

Still busy away from the blogosphere working on my botanical illustration. If you look closely, you can see the work I did recently in my colored pencil I class. My piece is the one with the four objects "pointing" at each other: the brown seed pod, the orange pepper, the onion and the tamatillo.

This was featured on the April 27th post at the botanical illustration program's blog:

If you go to that link, you can see the work a little bigger. I'm still a cyber klutz when it comes to embedding photos and stuff on this blog. :P But, I was so excited to see this there! Just think how excited I'll be when I enter my first show or sell something or get a commission. Something to look forward to. It is so nice to be dreaming again...and following those dreams.

Hope you are all well. I'll try to get around to all of your blogs soon.

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lovely stuff!!Anyone who says 'embedded' isn't a cyber clutz or anything else other than a talemned illustrator!!
Aww! Thanks! I appreciate the compliment and support.
WOW, I am truly impessed. What a great detail work. Love it!
So glad you popped in you busy lady! Thanks for the link. Will check it out. Blessings to you always and ((((Marj)))) :)
Paula: Thank you so much for your kind comment. I always did work in a very detailed way, so the detailed, realistic style of botanical illustration is a perfect fit for me.

JBR: And thank you for popping over HERE you sweet lady! :) *hugs*
beautiful, marj! i love that you do this work~ it seems so calm and peaceful. i imagine making drawings like that is very meditative :)
Katie: So nice to "see" you! The beauty of the natural world is calming for me. I 'm just so grateful that I get to capture it with my drawing. Thanks for commenting about it. *hugs*
I would definitely be a purchaser of your first pieces :-) I want to be able to say that I knew her before she was a "star" :-)

You really are quite good. Keep at it! I like watermelons if you ever get the hankering to draw one :-D

Hope you are doing well girly :-)
Oh, Jade, you're so sweet! Watermelons, huh? Well, I don't think they would be any harder to draw than a tamatillo. I hope you are doing well, too. *hugs*
These are beautiful, Marj! It makes me smile, seeing you pursuing something you so obviously love. Thanks for sharing it with us!
That is soo cool!! Great job! What a gift you have. Thanks for sharing it!
Returned to give you a hug - and view your work again. It is so astounishing! And I love tomatillos!
Dr Young: Hey, so nice to "see" you here! Thanks for visiting and thanks for the kind comment.

Colleen: Thanks for stopping by and looking and for your kind words. :)

Paula: Awww! You're so sweet! ((((((hugs back to you)))))). Hey, how do you prepare tamatillos anyway? I'm not sure I've ever eaten one.
hi marj~ i gave you something at my blog today :)
Kahless: Hi! So great to "see" you! I'm assuming "wow" means good, so...thanks! ;)

Katie: Oh, really? Goody! I'll go take a look.
Just thought I'd drop a little love on your page :-)

How is May treating you so far? How's my watermelon going? ;-)

Hope you're doing well!
Hi, Jade! Nice of you to stop by with your kind thoughts. Actually, right now I'm working on a plant called Geum triflorum. It always blooms in threes. A common name is "old man's whiskers." It has these really whispy, cool looking seed heads. It's challenging, but fun!

...have to get to that watermelon! ;)
This is amazing. GREAT work. Congrats and BEST wishes.

the carnival looks so exciting. i plan to check it out. i wrote about the hurt of healing today....oh, how it hurts sometimes.

thanks for linking us to the carnival always....

mile 191
Hey, Mile! So nice to "see" you! Thanks for your kind comment and interest in the carnival.
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