January 12, 2010


Some 2010 Business

Update 1/20/10: Great news!
Our wonderful friend, Paul, at Mindparts is coming through for us to host the January edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. Hooray! The edition will be posted on Friday, 1/29 and submissions must be turned in by the deadline of Wednesday, 1/27. Click on that BC widget to the left there on my sidebar to go straight to the submission form.

It looks like I also have enough interest with hosts to cover monthly editions for about six or seven other months for 2010. I could still use some hosts for most of the summer and fall months, so be thinking about it won't you? Thanks!


Still sick here, but not nearly as bad. Thanks for the well wishes, all.

Before I forget, I want to conduct some business. We have GOT to get some hosts lined up for 2010 monthly editions of our Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. At the present moment, I don't have anybody. Any interest out there? If you've participated by submitting blog posts to our carnival in the past, I'd really like to encourage you to host. It's really quite simple and I help you through it every step of the way.

If you think you could help us out with hosting, please leave a comment and let me know what month preference, if any, that you have. Thanks for considering, everyone. I know our blog carnival has become a very important mode of sharing, survivor solidarity, advocacy and awareness- raising. Let's keep it going strong for another year!

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Hmmm wonder if cooties are contagous from over the internet? I have a 103 temp, cough and sneeze. Sound familiar?

Hope you shake your symptoms soon!
Hi Marj, I'm glad to hear that you're feeling somewhat better.

I have only submitted to the carnival once, but I would be willing to try hosting a blog carnival. I guess I'd be good with February, but don't really have a preference. (That's my birthday month) How are topics chosen?
Jade: 103 degrees?! OMG! I hope you get to the doctor. You may have something more than a virus! Please take care and get better, deary!

IK: Oh, yay! Thank you so much for your willingness. February would be great. Topics or themes for each carnival are not required, but many hosts have wanted them. Since it's your birthday month, you could talk about birthday triggers, how you celebrate them now vs. in the past, etc. Or, many hosts choose a seasonal theme. Since Feb is Valentine's Day month, you could do a love theme. The final choice is up to you!
Hi friend. I have missed communication with you. I hope that while you are struggling to get well that you are gentle with yourself and take special care. We all care about you very much.

I would like to host very much let me get back to you on a month. I always do better with committing to something if I think about it for awhile. ;)
Marj, I am happy to do it again. I'll drop you an email.
Okay, I would like to host one, but I would need instructions. When ever I go to the Carnival, I get lost. I would like a summer month, say... August.
I haven't submitted to the carnival but check it out every month since discovering it. I could do May. Let me know.

Lisa Marie said: "Marj, let me think about it! I'll get back to you!

On another note..." She's had to make her blog private and open to invited readers only. "...I'll still be reading blogs and commenting, but my blog will no longer be "open". If you would like to read Lisa Marie's blog, you can e-mail her with a request.

I don't feel comfortable repeating Lisa Marie's e-mail address here, so that is why I have copied and pasted some of her comment.
Vicki: Thank you for your kind words. I've missed you, too! I've got cabin fever so bad from being sick so long this winter. Wise choice on deciding on the carnival hosting. I'll wait for your reply.

Paul: Oh, thank you! I got your e-mail and just sent you a reply.

Ivory: I'll put you down for August and I'll give you LOTS of tips way before then. I'll guide you through it step-by-step. Don't worry. Thanks so much for your willingness!

Kate: Try to submit at least once or twice between now and May, and I'll slot you in for May. Thanks!

Lisa Marie: I've got a request in to you for an invite to your new blog (sorry about the safety issue--but I'm glad you're keeping yourself safe). And let me know about your ability to host. I guess we'd have to make sure that the participants can read your blog. Thanks for your interest!
Marj, as always I'd be willing to host any time you have an opening, although I can already tell you Feb and August are not going to be good months to try that this year. Hit me up after Feb though, if you need a host!
I hope you feel better soon!!!
I'll help host. Just let me know what month. March and July are not good. Other than that I think I'm good.
Mike: Thanks for your continued support of this carnival. I so appreciate it. I think I've got hosts lined up for Jan and Feb. Could you do March?

Colleen: Thank you for the well wishes. I hope you are staying healthy so far in 2010.

Enola: Oh, thank you. You are also another person I can always count on to support the carnival. I appreciate you, too! Could I slot you in for April?
Hey friend. Just wanted to drop you a smile on your page :-) You should be receiving our (california's) rain here in a day or two. Its pooring! I was staring out the window for a sec and you came to mind. So...thought I'd drop you a little note.
Hope you are well.
Hey, Jade! Awww! You're so sweet. I guess this means you got over your 103-degree temperature. I'm glad. I was worried about you. We don't have any rain yet, but it's been overcast all day which is unusual for this 300+ days of sunshine a year place! Hugs backatcha sweetie pie! :)
I'd be happy to cover March for ya' :)
Oh, Yay! Thanks, Mike!
can you subby this for us please

JIP: No problem! I'm so glad you're going to join us! Thanks!

Sorry to leave this message here, but I couldn't find your email address here. I am moving at the beginning of May and am not sure if I will definitely be online and how long it will take me to have my computer up and running again, so I don't think it will be possible for me to host the Carnival in May. Would it be possible to take a later month in the year instead of May? Will you be able to find a replacement? I thought that letting you know as soon as possible would be the best.

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