June 19, 2009


Silver Anniversary Blog Carnival

Can you believe it? It's our Silver Anniversary--25th Edition--of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. Thanks to all of you who have submitted posts, read, left comments, hosted and supported this awareness-raising blog carnival for 25 editions. Survivors and Survivor Supporters rock!

The June carnival edition is up right now over at Cornnut's blog, Picture of Experience. We have a lot of new participants this month and we got seven entries for the theme of Fathers, Father's Day and Parents.

Please link on over and visit the carnival, read the posts and leave comments where you're able. Also, if you could link to the carnival from your blog or Tweet, etc. about it, that would be great. Your support is always appreciated greatly!

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I read your contribution to the Blog Carnival. So beautiful. And really tells your story (and mine, too) in such a way to convey the harm and pain and later the liberation that comes from healing and finding love. Real love. I often write and talk about wanting to be one of Jesus' lights. You said it so beautifully. Thanks. God bless.
I cant read posts on family at the moment. I want to pretend they dont exist. Maybe in a few days. But thanks for your committment to the Carnival.
Thanks so much for reading, Colleen.

Kahless: I'm really struggling myself right now. So it may take me a few days to get around to all the posts as well. It's good to keep ourselves safe.
You are a wonderful writer my friend and I'm so glad that you choose to share your story and triumph. There has been much darkness and hurt in your life but your resiliency has allowed you to rise above it.

You are awesome girly. I hope you are doing well. Bug hugs to you!
Jade: Thanks for saying that. Hugs backatcha, girlie!
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