April 18, 2008


April Showers and Blog Carnival Power

Beauty has the April edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse up now at her blog, Beautiful Dreamer. It's a fabulous edition...and LARGE! I think there are 25 entries linked there. I bet Beauty didn't realize she'd be wrestling with such a big edition when she agreed to host for April. But, she's done a wonderful job. I'm going over there right now to visit some of the courageous survivor and survivor advocate bloggers joining us this month. I'll leave comments when I visit, too. Won't you join me?

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Thanks, Marj, for the reminder. I will head on over and take a look.
RR: You're welcome. And thank YOU for your support of the carnival.
just coming over to say hi! hope all is well


Hi, Cassie! Thanks for the hugs. So nice to "see" you. It's been a while. I'll come over to your blog and see what you've been up to.
Great blog carnival! Thanks for reminding us about them.
Thanks Marj for the reminder :) Its great to see the carnival carrying on :)

I was tagged for a meme so have now tagged you. hop over to my blog to see what it is all about
MESSAGE TO ALL: For some odd reason, I was unable to log into my dot com site's hosting account and e-mail--where all my blog comments funnel through--for two days. Wasn't ignoring anybody. Now I'm even more behind on stuff, pooey! ;P
S'onnie & April: Thank you both for your continued support of the carnival.

S'onnie: I'll come over as soon as I can and check out this meme. Thanks for the tag!
Gonna check it out

PS: Anybody having trouble with the new word verification shaped letters? Sheesh. I need to email them about that.
Dr. Deb: Thanks for your support. Yeah, the letters are crazy. Getting very difficult for a human to decipher.

Tabby Cat: Thanks for having the courage to share. Yes, I believe that any kind of child abuse can cause traumatic "freezing." It can sure set us up to be victims later, too. (((((safe hugs)))))
Geeze, Louise I'm at it again--Tabby Cat's comment is on the 4/3 "Link to CSA" post. Ooopsydoodle! ;P
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