May 27, 2008


Mohs Update

You may be wondering, "What the heck is a Mohs update?" Well, if you go to the previous post below, you can click on a link about the Mohs procedure I'm having done tomorrow. It's to remove a "skin cancer" spot on my face.

I feel okay about going in tomorrow. Intellectually and logically, I feel fine about it. I talked to a neighbor who is married to a doctor and she commented, "I don't even know why they call those basal cells 'cancer;' that just scares everybody." Uh, yeah. They sure scared me at first. People in the health care field should be more careful when they call somebody up to say, "Well, we got the biopsy report back from the lab and you have cancer." The "C" word is very scary and should be handled with utmost care.

With the type of "skin cancer" I have and the type of procedure they're doing on me tomorrow, it should not come back and I should be free of it very soon. Thanks so much, everybody, for all your comforting words, prayers and support on this matter. As usual, you cyber angels come through for me again!

Now, for the non-intellectual, non-logical side of me who is scared to death about this procedure tomorrow. I talked to my T about it and we both agreed that there is some part activity surrounding this. There is definitely some anxiety about being laid out on a reclining chair with a big light in my face and somebody using a sharp instrument right next to my eye! I guess I shouldn't be at all surprised by this reaction. Going to the dentist usually elicits the same reaction. It's a pretty similar scenario.

Well, to help this fearful situation, I insisted on going into the dermatologist/plastic surgeon's office to look the place over and meet some of the people who will be working with (on) me tomorrow. That helped assuage the fears a bit. Luckily, everyone at this facility seems very compassionate and kind. I knew the secretary was helpful and nice from our phone conversations. Then, I went in and got to meet the nurses and the doctor himself. I also saw the room where I'll be worked on. They told me I can get up out of that chair and move around and ground myself all I want tomorrow.

I will also take my Lorazepam, just to be sure. I've been doing a lot of little-part comforting around this. The meditation, visualization and self-care has been helpful for the last few days. I got really triggered, began sobbing and came really close to hysterically running out of the examining room when I had the initial biopsy done. I'd prefer that it doesn't happen again tomorrow.

Well, keep me in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow, won't you please? I continue to appreciate your continued support. And please continue, okay? Thanks!

I'm off now to try and finish up some work in my garden and my yard. The nurse at the clinic said I should get as much of my yard work done as I can before the procedure tomorrow; I'm supposed to rest afterward.

Oh, one last thing: As I said before, the basal cell spot is right next to my eye. I'd like to request prayers that the surgery does NOT involve my tear duct, as the doctor I met said is a possibility. If it does, it will require additional surgery, and I'd sure like to avoid that!

Thanks again, everybody! You truly are the best! xoxoxxo ((((((((safe hugs to all))))))))

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I can really understand the trigger. I hate going to the dentist and have been putting off my physical and pap.

By the way, I think I left a very revealing comment on your site, but I purposely buried it in an older post. Could you visit my site and leave a comment as to where it is. Really, I am not trying to direct traffic...I'm worried that I may have the information about myself where I did not intend. Thanks.

I'll be praying for you about your procedure tomorrow!!!
I've had the Mohs surgery once...on the side of my nose. You will be fine. :)

I have had many of these BCC's (basal cell carcinomas) and truly they aren't a big deal. As you know, the only reason for the Mohs is generally cosmetic...for BCC's in certain places they need to take as little skin as possible while being sure they got all, "bad stuff." ;)

This month I have been having so much fun with Efudex that I blogged about my Efudex treatment. A fairly unpleasant month. I am glad it is nearly over.

Warm wishes'll be fine. Hugs back.
I will definitely be thinking of you and your mini surgery tomorrow. It sounds like you did a lot of things to help alleviate your fear. I think that's really great that you could take care of yourself in that manner.

Remember we'll all be right there with you. You're certainly not alone. It will all work out ok.
I like how you are taking care of yourself by looking the place over, familiarizing yourself with the room in which the surgery will take place.

I will be remembering you (and your tear ducts) in my prayers...hang in there, you're going to come through this just fine!
I read this today and am wondering how it went yesterday....Please give us an update as soon as you are able. Have been thinking of you and prayed for the procedure to go well.
you will be in our rpayers all day tomorrow and our thoghts! peace and blessings

I hope everything went well. Update us when you can!!
Clueless: No worries. I was kinda holding that commenting trying to decide myself where to safely put it. I'm a little behind on things with this surgery and all.

And yes, this surgery reminds me a lot of my familiar triggers with going to the dentist as well.
fritz: thanks for visiting. It's all relative, isn't it? I'm quite grateful that I'm really getting off easy with this one. Take care.

RR: I felt much better emotionally on Wednesday than I did for the initial biopsy. Thanks for being there in spirit with your support.

Beauty: Hurray! It didn't end up involving my tear duct. Whew! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers and I'll put up a full update soon.

Barbara, Keepers & Perfect: Thanks for continuing to think of me. The surgery went quite well. I'll get a complete update up soon. You guys are the best! thanks for all the caring everyone! :)
I am also triggered by dental and medical procedures.

You're in my prayers. I hope all went well and you are recovering peacefully. Looking forward to the next post letting us know how you are doing.

(((healing hugs))), MW
I Hope everything went well.
i hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog...i was just reading over your words and it just amazes me that so much of what i was feeling you were able to put into words. i'm a survivor as well, and was looking over the internet for clues as to something...anything i could do to help other survivors...found your blog in the midst of that search. i'll be sure and visit again!

*sending good thoughts out for you*

~toni boyer
Kahless: Thanks for checking on me. The surgery went well and I get my stitches out on Wednesday. I've been icing it and the swelling is starting to go down a bit.
MW: So nice of you to check back and leave your hugs and prayers. I appreciate you!

Toni: thanks for visiting. Maybe when you return, things will be a little more business-as-usual around here. You may want to get involved in the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse with us!

((((Hugs)))) and prayers. By now you will have had the surgery. I hope all went well and that recovery goes smoothly.
April: thanks, everything did go well--better than expected actually. I'm off to post an update right now!
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