March 14, 2008


A Spring Blog Carnival

Howdy Blog Carnival bloggers, supporters and friends. Enola has done a fine job organizing and hosting the March edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. The Spring theme for this edition is starting over, new beginnings, etc. Ooo, I like the sound of that. What survivor doesn't? Please go on over and check out the carnival and leave comments on participant's blogs, won't you? Thanks for your support!

Great idea for a carnival -

-Paul (former elementary school counselor...)
Thanks for visiting, Paul. And thanks for checking out the carnival over at Enola's. We appreciate the readership.
we are annoyed with ourselves we missed it but with whats been going on in our life it was hard to know when it was maybe next one we can make :)
JIP: I totally understand why it would be difficult for you to participate right now. But, I'm getting better at making sure we have an edition scheduled every single month now, so you'll have lots more chances! We welcome you whenever you can join us! :)
safe hugs (((((JIP))))) xoxoxoxo
Tabby Cat: Thank you so much for visiting our carnival!
Ooops! I'm doing it again. Tabby Cat's comment was on the post down below. ;P
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