April 15, 2008


Posting a Carnival Poem

Hello, all. I apologize for being a bit MIA as of late. Just really struggling here with family issues. We got the results of our son's tests back and this new doctor wants to see our little guy twice a week. So, we've started that.

I'm not feeling very hopeful right now--I guess I'm just exhausted. I can't seem to shake it. So, I'm going to post a poem that is hopeful and maybe those words will have some effect as I broadcast them out into cyberland.

I'm behind on everything, but I don't want to get behind on The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. It's just too important and I so appreciate every one's involvement and advocacy. Beauty is hosting this Friday and the submissions are due by midnight tomorrow--Wednesday, April 16. You can use this submission form here.

Here's what Beauty says about her upcoming edition:

"We all know that abuse thrives on secrecy; the purpose of the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse is to speak openly about the prevalence of such abuse, and its devastating aftermath. Remember that an important component to healing from such abuse is to reclaim the power which as a child was stolen from you. As survivors we do this by speaking the truth. This carnival is an excellent venue for doing so. Here you can speak from the heart of what it’s like to be an abused child, or perhaps you’d rather write about the challenges of dealing with the aftermath of abuse as you attempt to live in this world as a whole adult. For instance, do you suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a direct result of the abuse? Whatever form your writing takes, it’s sure to help someone, for we are all at different places in the recovery process! We’d also love to hear from individuals who know about childhood abuse secondhand: what is it like loving someone who bears the wounds from an abusive childhood? Perhaps it’s your mother, friend, or significant other. What challenges (and strains) does your loved one’s woundedness contribute to the relationship?"

Beauty wanted me to submit a poem for the carnival this month, so this will be the one:

Love’s Light

I understand
You’ve been hurt, you’re so afraid
It’s hard for me
But I’ll reach in, I’ll feel your shame

I’m not perfect
But I’m here
And I am light
I am love

I can see you’re not your pain
I can tell you’re not their hate
I see the beauty you can’t see
You are light, you are love

I know you are not your pain
I know you are not their hate
Look in my eyes, dear, can’t you see?
You are love, you are light

Can you feel you’re not your pain?
Can you know you’re not their hate?
Just take my hand, you can trust me
We are love, we are light

I know you’re tired
There’s no rest from all your hiding
Take one more chance
Find strength in me; I won’t betray

You deserve to dance
And to be free
Be in light
Be in love

You’re free to live without your pain
You’re free to love, no more to hate
We’re free together, you and me
We are light, we are love

We’re free we live without the pain
We’re safe we love without the hate
We’re flying, soaring, in joy and peace
We are love, we are light.

Copyright 2001 Marj McCabe ~ All Rights Reserved

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Safe hugs Marj.
And you write great poetry.
I'm sorry to hear that you're having a difficult time right now. I hope things resolve soon.
this si so heartwrenchingly good :O you ahve so much talent and i think we actually made the ediotion t his time we just hope beauty reads her comments because we still are clueless on how to submit all that stuff :(
Kahless: Thanks for the compliment...AND the hugs! :) xoxoxo

RR: Thanks. Yeah, I hope things improve soon as well. With my son in therapy two hours a week and me 1 1/2 hours a week, ya'd think it's gotta help, right?

JIP: You think I have talent, really? Awe, shucks, thanks! I'll help Beauty get your carnival entry in. Thanks for submitting!
I loved the poem! Hugs. And thanks for the reminder about the blog carnival.
April: Thanks, and...You're welcome! I hope you do join us for this month's carnival! I always love your contributed posts.
You are so awesome for sharing all this and creating the carnival too! How do people sign up to host it?
Danica: thanks for your kind comment, for visiting and for your interest in The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. What I usually like to do is have bloggers participate in the carnival a few times and then let them host. This gives them a chance to see how it all works. We'd love to have you join us next month!
Through the gift of this poem - you wrap us all - in light and love.

Thank you!
Heal & Forgive: Wow! What a lovely sentiment. Thank you.
What an amazing poem. I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Beautiful!
Much love and safe hugs,
Wow,thanks,Angel. And thanks for visiting.
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