March 24, 2008


A Post-Easter Post

Whew! I made it through Easter! It is always a difficult holiday for me. I did some T work with a part who clued me in on some of why it's so hard. Maybe more on that later.

Today, we took our son in for two hours of testing with this new guy. We will get to go over the results with him in about two weeks. Jesus, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this helps my sweetie punkin.

I'm exhausted. I need to rest. Thinking of all of you out there in cyber land.

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Glad to hear you made it through Easter okay.

Here's hoping and praying your son gets the help he needs. I know how you must be struggling with this.

I hope everything goes well with your sons resuls. Well done on keeping up with the therapy even though it can be very hard and very painful, facing it head on and keeping going will have enormous benefits in all areas of your life
Thanks you guys. You're sweet! ((((((((safe hugs))))))))
easter sucks but we got through it also
get some rest! you sound exhausted. thinking of you and your son!!

good luck for your punkin!
I hope the results are helpful!

I have had to make my blog private...would like to invite you but I don't know/have an email addy to use. I don't want to leave mine...because of the reasons my blog is now private. How do I get an invite to you?
Yay, JIP! We both made it through Easter!

Thank you for the thoughts, Keepers.

Thanks, Tabby Cat! We need all the luck, prayers, thoughts, vibes, etc. we can get! ;)
Fallen Angels: I'm so sorry to hear that there were circumstances that forced you to go private. I certainly understand and feel honored that you want me to come to your private blog. I definitely want an invite! ;) I think I have an e-mail address for you from a while back. I will try that and request an invite. Otherwise, you can e-mail me at

Thanks for letting me know and take gentle care. xoxoxoxo
Hope you rest up yourself Marj and that your son gets the help he needs.

Thanks, Kahless. And thanks for the hugs. It helps.
Hi Marj!

Nice to see you're still here - it's comforting to me.

I'm getting back into things myself... I miss the outlet, ya know?
T/Psychbaby: W-O-W!!! I'm so happy to see you! Thanks for remembering me and getting back in touch. I've missed you!

I will go check out what's new with you in your corner of the blogging world.

Safe hugs. (((((((xoxoxoxoxo)))))))
Fingers crossed for your son. Hugs on being tired.
Thanks for the crossed fingers and hugs, April. It all helps, I'm sure!
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