March 03, 2008


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Me again! Well, it's 9:37 in the morning, here where I live, and my son is still in bed. Another night of insomnia last night for him. I definitely had my suspicions, but now I think I'm seeing the start of a trend. Almost every day, my precious offspring begs not to go to school. Now, he's starting to get those "Sunday Night Blues," like I used to get when I was dreading going back into a job I hated on Monday.

I feel that most of his anxiety symptoms revolve around the school issue as well. An offshoot of that is that he's very nervous about where he'll be going to middle school next year--sixth grade. I started out thinking, "What a lot of pressure to put on young kids. We will simply make it a non-issue and my son will walk to the nearest middle school." Unfortunately--or maybe fortunately--our district has open enrollment and you get to choose where to send your kid. There's another school that has a special program that I think will really meet D's needs much more appropriately.

However, he doesn't know anyone going to that school, so he doesn't want to go there. *Sigh* I'm sure we're going to have a big fight on our hands about it. I hate pushing my kid toward anything he feels really scared about with the assertion that "It's for your own good." A lot of really traumatic and abusive things were done to me as a child under this guise. I've just grown to think, after a lot of research, that this other school--and its specialized program and caring teachers--could really help my son focus on his strengths, boost his self-esteem, and feel good about attending school again. God, I pray that this can happen.

The three of us--me, hubby and child--go in for a consultation on Friday with a guy who comes highly recommended to help special needs kids like our son. One of the things I like about the sounds of him is that he looks for lots of alternatives to pharmaceutical medications. *crosses fingers*

Thank you all so much for your concern, caring comments, thoughts, vibes and prayers on this matter. Please continue to send out positive vibes for our Friday appointment. Thanks in advance! You guys rock and I appreciate you so much. :)

A reminder: The March BLOG CARNIVAL AGAINST CHILD ABUSE is coming up and will be here before you know it--Friday, March 14. Enola is hosting and I just know she is going to be an outstanding host! Check out her announcement and call for submissions here. This month's theme is about Spring and new beginnings. Won't you join us for this awareness-raising, supportive event?

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I hope everything turns out well with the Friday consultation. I remember the troubles I had raising my sons and how worrisome it was when one (or more!) had special needs I couldn't meet.

Prayers to you and yours during this difficult time.

Beauty: Thank you, you sweet person!

I finally got a decent night's sleep last night and I feel a bit better. Yay!
My youngest daughter went through a spell like this. We talked to her about it a lot and made sure she knew she could come to us with problems and we would not blame her or condemn her. Later on, she revealed to us that her teacher was verbally abusing the students in her classroom. We took her out of that school and wrote a scathing letter to the director condemning this abuse. We allowed our daughter to speak about it any time she wanted. We never said 'get over it' or any of that stuff. She drew pictures of the teacher and scribbled on them and crunched them up and stomped on them. She told us she hated the teacher who had treated her this way. She tried on name-calling to this teacher (poo-poo head, meany, cruel, witch, ugly nasty person) and we supported her in her outrage. She is doing much, better now.

I think it is important for children to know that they have a right to have and express their feelings and to speak up about things, no matter who it is who is doing a wrong against them. There might be a very good reason why your son does not like school. I hope you are able to get some insight into what it is.
Thanks, Lynn! You know, your daughter is very lucky to have a mom like you.
I hope it works out for your son. My son is special needs too and is in 4th grade. So far the "I hate school" thing is not a problem but I soooo worry about middle school!

Lynn has a point - it's important to discover what your son is running from.

I used to refuse to go to school as a kid - it was a horrible place - my classmates were rich and I wasn't. They teased me horribly. The principal saw that I was a misfit, and abused me for it. It was a terrible experience.

Changing schools is hard, but in the end, it's your decision, not D's. Obviously, you'll need to discuss it with him, explain your decision, explain the advantages.

Every time I changed schools, my mom gave me the speech - You're new here, no one knows anything about you. You can be anything you want here. She was right.

I went from being the total outcast in one school to being almost popular in the next.

More than that, my grades picked up drastically, and I started being more interested in extra-curriculars.

All in all, changing schools may be just what he needs.
Katie & Tabby Cat: Thank you both for visiting. I appreciate your kind words and insights. I'll come over soon and check out your blogs. Always nice to see some new folks! :)
It's so hard, isn't it when our kids are scared or hurting? We want so much to make it all okay for them. Here's hoping the consultation gives you the answers you need.
Yep, we go in this afternoon. I've got my fingers crossed. Thanks for your caring, April.
thinking of you, your son and your husband, this is really a tough time for each of you, know you are all in our prayers and our thoughts and will send positive vibes your way

peace and blessings

keepers and john
Thanks, Keepers! We were impressed with the guy Friday and our son even enjoyed the visit once he settled into it. Now, we're trying to figure out how we're going to swing the money for the treatment.

We have an appointment at my son's school tomorrow--so we're looking at that too.
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