January 30, 2008


The Naked Trees Still Know To Live

I dug out another old poem of mine that I'd like to share.

Hope’s Song

I love to watch the birds
They fly and flit with constant chatter
It helps me clear these words
In my mind, fear’s negative clatter

It gives me hope to hear
Strong-held faith in nature’s song
Wipe away my painful tears
I see life it carries on

With the gently falling snow
The naked trees still know to live
It reminds me that I grow
Only when I can forgive.

Copyright 2003 Marj McCabe ~ All Rights Reserved

As you might ascertain from my previous post on shame, I'm still working on forgiving myself. That's one of my biggest healing goals.

I think we all need to forgive ourselves, at one time or another, for being human. The good news is that, as humans, there is always a place for us in this world.

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The birds sing outside my window, all day, sometimes at night, they fly and eat and over and over again, I wonder what I would do if I had wings, would my lover ever see me again?

Forgiveness of self is as hard as any other kind. I hope your healing continues and you continue to lean on all your friends for help. There is no shame in needing the help of friends.
I have accepted that I am human and so that means I have accepted that I make mistakes.

I don't think I need to forgive myself for that because God made me that way. I don't have the power to make me perfect. I can only strive to be the best person I can be. If I stumble, I need to get up and try to be better. That is the very best that I am capable of. Who am I to second guess God about that being the best thing for me.
forgiving yourself is one,if not the first, step in really recovering. you deserve that from and for yourself.
sending safe hugs

Thanks for the support, guys. Some very healthy insights on forgiveness here!
hey marja want to read our recent blkog the legacy of silence and join us on your blog on the challenge we have set foirth? We could use the support.
the poem is good challenging but good
What a lovely poem, Marj.

Self-forgiveness is so difficult, isn't it? Most of us tend to be harder on ourselves than we are on others.

I think you've taken an important step by realizing this is something you want to do, and that it doesn't come easy. Better than trying to gloss it over!

Thanks, JIP. And, yep, I'll come over and support you all I can.
Beauty: I've been thinking about why this is still difficult for me, after all my therapy success and growth in other areas. I think a tough patch to get over is the issue of whether it was me that got tortured by our father, or my sister. I just started working with a part who feels a lot of guilt about it. And the work goes on...
"The good news is that, as humans, there is always a place for us in this world." - I think I need to remember that. Thank you.
Lovely poem!

For me, self-forgiveness was so hard. We were kids and we didn't have the knowledge or skills or options we can think of now. We did the best we could in extraordinarily difficult circumstances. WE DID THE BEST WE COULD. As we grow and heal we can make new and different choices in all areas of our lives. And the best shot we have at doing that IS forgiving and loving ourselves.
April: Maybe I've achieved more self-forgiveness and self-love than I'm giving myself credit for; I have been making new and healthier choices. Yes! :)

You're welcome, Kitten. And thanks so much for visiting. I wish you blessings on your healing journey.
Tag - you're it. Check out my blog
ok ok we ahve done the 25 meme blog at last ok its up truly its there :P
Enola: Uh oh. Now I'm in for it. I'd better go check out your blog. ;)

JIP: Yeah! I'm so glad you played. I'll come over and take a look at your listy.
I didn't see that enola had tagged you and I'm afraid I tagged you again. However, if you check out my blog, you'll see I added a twist.

Wouldn't it be cool if we could be dormant like those naked trees for just a little while. A brief rest to gather our strength together to live again.
we have tagged you on our blog and dont forget to special mention the fact we finally did that meme LMAO
Daily Explorations: You are so welcome! :)

RR: Yeah, I'd like to go dormant for a while. Wouldn't like to be naked for the whole time, tho. hee hee! ;)

JIP & RR: I don't know what all this tagging is going on. I guess I'd better get out into the blogosphere and find out.
Dang it! I'm doing it again! Daily Explorations' comment was on another post. ;P
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