February 08, 2008


Inner Child Rescue, Care & Love

This is one of the first poems I ever wrote. It was one of those things that just came to me when I awoke in the middle of the night. Back then, I had been doing a lot of "inner child" work with a very good therapist and I had just started therapy for PTSD.

Now that my T and I are working with my parts, I've found that I have to do a "rescue" for each child part. What I do is a visualization where I go back to my childhood house (sometimes with a SWAT team to immobilize the monsters who were supposed to be my parents). I'm always with an angel. We scoop up the terrorized little girl and we fly her away to safety. My poem is called, Child Fly Away.

Child Fly Away

I love and cherish you
And I know you love me too
Come now and we will dance and play
And then we’ll simply fly away

I can feel your pain
I know they tried to break you
You’re helpless, sad, alone
No peace within

I can tell you’re tired
I see a child who’s tortured
With trying to atone
For unknown sin

Hey, let’s fly away
We’ve struggled with chains too long
Let’s grab this chance so we can see
If we are ever to be free

Why wait here in the dark?
All it can ever show you
Is pain and it’s the pain
That you still fear

I can see the light
In my heart faith remains
And I know that this is it
Our chance is here

I love and cherish you
And now I know you feel love too
Now we can dance and run and play
Then we just simply fly away

Come let’s fly away
We’ll fly away

Copyright 2002 Marj McCabe ~ All Rights Reserved

Below is a music video I received from a fellow survivor who is also a musician. He is a child abuse advocate and he found me through The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. His name is Mike Skinner and he has his own website at: www.mskinnermusic.com.

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Wow - that poem made me cry. The imagery is powerful. My T once told me in detail about what she would have done had she run across me in such a situation - it involved rescuing me, taking me home, tucking me into bed, rescuing my sister, tucking her in next to me and watching over us. I sure wish we had real life angels back in that would have rescued us.
I'm right there with you, Enola. Right now, as a matter of fact, I've been working on "feeling the feelings" regarding some really torture-like abuse that I just can hardly believe nobody knew about...no one did anything. We had no rescue and it sucks!

But right now, I'm totally excited because this is my first YouTube video I've been able to embed on my blog. Yay, me! I'm getting so cyber savvy! ;P
Wonderful poem, and how strong of you to share it with us! Thank you...
Thanks a lot, Cat. I appreciate it.
That poem describes how I feel about my outer child right now. You did a fine job, Marj. Your peotry is strikingly beautiful.
thank you for sharing some of your poetry with us, to say it is touching is an understatement

peace and blessings

That is such a beautiful poem. It's so much like a song.
Thank you, Lynn. You and your son are in my thoughts and prayers.

I'm glad you liked the poem, Keepers. Thanks! I hope that it is touching in an uplifting way, even though some parts may be painfully touching.

Thanks, Austin. You know, it's funny: I often sing a little made-up melody to my child parts with some of these lyrics!
You write beautiful poetry Marj.
Thanks, Kahless. I've never really thought of myself and a "real" poet, but I've gotten some pretty good responses to the poetry I've shared. That feels good! :)
Oh, I like this . . . simple and sweet, so full of hope.

Thanks for sharing this poem!

Thanks, Beauty. Yep, we gotta keep that hope out there!
Marj, Thank you for sharing this beautiful, poetic model for self-care!
HealandForgive: I'll say it again: We can all use more beauty, poetry and self-care in our lives. Thanks!
Reminds me of the "Beauty" poem...also "beautiful!" ;P

Just a note
to self ;)
Hi Marj,

Reminds me of your "Beauty" poem as well. Yes, beautiful!

Thank you!
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